The Best Multi-Wick Candles {3 wick candles will scent your house fast}

Three wick candles are a great option if your priority is enjoying the best scent. Plus, they look great too – having three flames instead of one adds to the amount of light the candle gives off and it’s really pleasant visually.

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There is a drawback though – candles with three wicks do burn faster, which makes sense when you think about it – you’ve got three heat sources melting all that wax instead of one.

That’s the sacrifice you’re making, you burn through the wax quicker which releases more of the scent into the air at once.

So, with all that being said, here’s some of the best 3 wick candles you can buy if you’re really looking to get the best aromas possible from your candles.

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Best La Jolie 3 wick candles

La Jolie are one of the most popular candle names in the world, with stunning scents and beautiful presentation.

However, at the time of writing, they only offer a single candle type with 3 wicks:

Mar Scented Citronella

These small soy wax candles offer a wonderfully refreshing citronella scent that will lighten the mood and banish musty smells in any room. It’s all about the number three – three candles, each with three wicks, giving you the chance to refresh three rooms – or save them all to use in your favorite place to unwind.

Each candle has a burn time between 26 and 30 hours.

Most La Jolie candles are single wick, but if you prefer the idea of a multiple wick candle then there are some dual-wick options available too:

Ava Scented – White Tea

This stunning candle option burns extremely well with the double wicks, releasing some soothing, calming aromas that will help you unwind after a stressful day in the office.

The top notes are gentle hints of lemon, bergamot and tea, giving way to violet, rose and white tea before the depth of the musk, amber, vetiver and cypress. Your troubles will melt away just as the natural wax does.

Ava Scented – Orange & Bergamot

Prefer something a little livelier and more energetic? This wonderful candle burns brightly with its dual cotton wicks and releases a refreshing blend of orange and mandarin alongside the bergamot, bringing a brisk and delicious scent into your home.

It’s supported by hints of rose, jasmine and vanilla for a full-bodied aroma that is ideal for kickstarting your day or winding down once it’s over.

Best from Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works offers a wide range of excellent 3-wick candles alongside their single-wick selection. There are lots that you can choose from, but here are three of the most popular.

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

When the Fall season rolls around, expect a wealth of pumpkin-themed candles to be developed. However, this deep, warm scent is ideal no matter what time of the year it is, whenever you’re looking for a scent to make you feel comforted. It combines the pumpkin and rich cinnamon with fresh ground clove and a hint of vanilla.

Fresh Balsam

This candle brings to life that feeling of a brisk refreshing winter’s breeze, carrying on the air a charming scent of pine needles along with some festive favorite touches in the form of cedarwood and eucalyptus. The resulting blend is one that will have you imagining your candle is more a roaring log fire in the most cozy of seasons.

Marshmallow Fireside

This candle could not be more aptly named. For once it is lit, you’ll feel transported to the side of a crackling campfire, with the sweet and deep notes of toasted sugar mixing perfectly with the smoldering woods and crystalized amber aromas.

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Best Yankee 3 wick candles

With Yankee Candles’ square jars, you’ve the option of a small single-wick candle, a medium 3-wick one or you can opt for a larger one with only two wicks.

The mid-sized 3-wick candles are the best compromise between longevity and strong scent, but if you want the best value, you may choose the larger and longer-burning 2-wick option, which will still suit smaller rooms.

Dark Berries

Rich and fruity, without being overpowering, this candle has top notes of blackberries over rose and peony. It is underpinned by cashmere wood and musk, but it’s those juicy top notes that will really capture and captivate your senses.

Sea Salt & Lavender

The soothing scent of lavender is cleverly combined with the crisp and refreshing hints of sea salt in this wonderful candle, which also has a mid of coconut and pear that adds just a touch of a fruity kick. This gives the candle some necessary depth before the base notes of figwood and vanilla bean round off the aroma.

Tonka Bean & Pumpkin

This warm Fall candle utilizes the charm of baked pumpkin with classic autumnal spices, creating a blend that evokes memories of woodland walks with a kick provided by the mysterious flowery smoke of the tonka bean, the popular legume from South America. 

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Best Affordable 3 Wick Candles

The reason I’ve chosen to highlight the best La Jolie, Bath and Body Works and Yankee 3-wick candles is because they’re all really reasonably priced considering their quality.

The most expensive candles on this list all tend to cost around $25 at most, and for that you’re getting anywhere between 25 and 50 hours of burn time, which for a 3-wick candle is not bad at all.

You can easily find cheaper 3-wick candles if you look around online but they’ve no guarantee of being any good. It’s always better to buy a brand that you know and recognize because they are much more likely to have an enjoyable scent.

Best on Amazon

If you prefer to buy your candles on Amazon, you’ll have no trouble finding some of the 3-wick candles from this article on there to buy, including the La Jolie Mar Citronella 3-pack, the Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside and the Yankee Candle Dark Berries.

You’ll also find loads of other options, like this charming sweet-scented Grapefruit candle from Nest Fragrances, or this more soothing T&H Cinnamon Clove & Citrus 3-wick candle that is supremely luxurious. 

You just need to be careful on Amazon to avoid cheap brands that you don’t recognize as even those that have hundreds of positive reviews may not be very good – Amazon has a lot of fake reviews on the platform.

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Are 3 wick candles good?

3 wick candles are good if you want to get the best scent from a candle. They’re better suited to using in larger rooms, but you sacrifice some longevity as the three flames will melt the wax faster. If you’re using a candle in your office and you’ll be sat close by, you might prefer a single wick candle as you will likely still get the aroma from it, but it’ll last you much longer.

It’s when you’ve got a more open space or when you just really want that smell to be nice and strong that 3 wick candles really come into their own.

Should I light all 3 wicks?

If you’ve bought a 3-wick candle then yes, you should absolutely light all 3 wicks at once. The placement and size of the wicks are designed to be burned at the same time, releasing the maximum amount of fragrance.

If you don’t burn all three at once, you’re going to end up burning the candle unevenly. This doesn’t just look unattractive, it can actually cause problems, because you can expose part of an unlit wick when the wax melts to a lower point, and if this then catches fire then your candle is ruined and potentially even becomes dangerous.

You might think that lighting one wick at a time will help preserve the lifespan of the candle and that might be true, but you also won’t enjoy any of the benefit of having a 3-wick candle with the stronger aroma. The scent released by a normal single-wick candle will be stronger than if you light one wick on a 3-wick candle.

So, if you’re wondering, can you burn a wick in a 3-wick candle? You could burn a single one if you wanted to, but it’s a waste.

How many hours do Bath and Body Works 3 wick candles burn?

A Bath and Body Works 3-wick candle that’s considered full size, weighing 14.5oz, will burn for between 30 and 45 hours. This is around the same time as their single wick candles, although those are half the size at just 7oz, which shows the difference that having 3 wicks makes.

How do 3 wick candles work?

3 wick candles are simply that – candles that have three wicks instead of a single one. They’re spaced out rather than being central, in a triangle formation. The wicks are usually a little thinner too, since there are three of them. They’re placed so that they give an even burn across the entire surface of the candle.

Do double wick candles burn faster?

Generally speaking, the more flames on a candle, the faster it burns. So, a double wick candle will burn faster than a single-wick candle, but slower than one with three wicks.

That’s not always true because it depends on the quality of the candle and the spacing of the wicks, but with a quality candle you can generally expect this rule to apply.

How do you maintain 3 wick candles?

The best way to maintain 3-wick candles is to make sure you always burn all three wicks at once, and if one goes out, make sure to either light it again or extinguish the other two wicks. You want them to burn for the same amount of time either way. 

Otherwise, the candle becomes uneven, and you may end up melting wax in a corner of the candle, which could then eventually expose the other two wicks.

One of the common problems with 3-wick candles that are badly made is that they’re placed too close to the edge of the candle, which doesn’t give an even burn.

Even with a quality 3-wick candle, it’s best to bend the wick slightly inwards when you first light it, to make sure that the candle burns equally across the center and whole surface.

In summary

Whether your preferred candle has a strong and vibrant aroma, or it’s something a little more gentle and soothing, there’s no better option to enjoy that scent to its fullest than a good-quality 3-wick candle.

The options here are some of the most popular but that’ll change too as the luxury candle brands release new variants with each new season. So, you’ll be able to enjoy room-filling candle scents with new aromas all-year round.

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