Top 10 Trapp Candles {best Trapp scents according to reviews}

Trapp is a quality candle brand that began in the early 1990s in Kansas City, Missouri. For over thirty years they have created excellent products with a philosophy all based around quality fragrance. They even say that they guarantee every product they sell will fill a room with fragrance within minutes.

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There are a wide range of Trapp candles you can choose from, including more delicate and refreshing aromas to those that are richer and more complex. Depending on where you place the candle, you can easily find the one that best suits the atmosphere you want to create in your home.

So, which are the most popular Trapp candles you can buy? We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular and where they are best suited.

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Best for bedroom:

Trapp No. 67 – Fine Linen

There are few scents that are as pleasing as crisp, freshly laundered bed sheets. But instead of washing linens on a daily basis, this candle helps to replicate that wonderful aroma so that you can enjoy it every day.

You’ll feel calmer and more relaxed with the delightful aromas of vanilla orchids and white rose petals, with a twist of passionfruit nectar just to add the perfect fruity notes. That fresh bedding feeling has never been captured better.

Trapp No. 10 – Lemongrass Verbena

If you’re instead looking to add a slightly more complex and fruity aroma to your bedroom, this Lemongrass Verbena candle is absolutely perfect. It’s very delicate still, with the crisp citrus of the Asian lemongrass just perfectly complemented by the Brazilian verbena. The scent also has a little added softness with a vanilla base.

What this means is you get a sweet, soothing fragrance that is perfect for relaxing as you wind down your evening in your bedroom. Extinguish the candle just before you sleep and you’ll have a calming atmosphere that is perfect for drifting off.

Best for kitchen:

Trapp No. 60 – Jasmine Gardenia

Of all the Trapp candles, the Jasmine Gardenia is one that is more classical in style, a timeless blend of jasmine and gardenia that offers a sophisticated take on a traditional candle aroma. It helps to elevate that authentic fragrance with added complexity, the hint of honeysuckle serving as the extra touch of sweetness needed to keep the fragrance fresh.

Add this candle to your kitchen and you’ll feel as those your windows are open to a charming floral garden packed with dazzling colors and aromas. It is the perfect complement to a rustic kitchen where you want to bring a touch of nature into the room.

Trapp No. 72 – Amalfi Citron

If you want your kitchen to have a bit of get-up-and-go about it, then this Amalfi Citron candle is light, refreshing and packs a tropical punch that will please the entire family on their hectic mornings.

It blends sparkling citrus and other fruits with a champagne kick for a fragrance that is lively and energizing, filling the whole space with a rejuvenating vibe and ensuring everyone has a fantastic start to their day.

Best for living room:

Trapp No. 14 – Mediterranean Fig

This Mediterranean Fig candle combines the freshness of the Med coastline with the fruity aromas of a fig bush being ripened under the warm sun. There’s a hint of melon and light woodland in the fragrance, conjuring images of a tropical European getaway that feels healthy, peaceful and almost spiritual.

Light this candle in your living room and you’ll be able to lean back and be transported away from the stresses of modern life, bringing an elegant and complex aroma to your home that will surely help you unwind after a long day.

Trapp No. 71 – Indigo Acai

The No. 71 Indigo Acai is an evolution of the Jasmine Gardenia candle. It blends that existing aroma with tropical berries for a richer and more layered fragrance, adding in base notes of white musk and creamy vanilla to bring a touch of warmth to an otherwise lively scent.

The combination creates a powerful fragrance that is not overbearing but at the same time is notable, filling your room with an atmosphere that is both relaxing but also uplifting. Use this candle when you return home, and you’ll feel the stresses of the day melt away, without sapping away all of your energy.

Best for bathroom:

Trapp No. 12 – Guava Mango

When planning a scent for the bathroom, you’ll have a choice between something light and airy that keeps the room refreshing and pleasant, or something more complex to add more of an atmosphere and depth to the room. This guava mango aroma certainly falls into the latter category.

It’s a fusion of powerful and mouth-watering exotic scents, blending the sharp sweetness of mango with the juicy and flavorful guava. If you tend to stumble into the bathroom half-awake in the morning, this will soon have you perked up and ready for the day ahead.

Note that this scent is retiring soon – so don’t miss out on your chance to enjoy this wonderful fragrance before it’s gone.

Trapp No. 20 – Water

The name of this fragrance may be considered misleading – water alone doesn’t have a scent, right? Well, with this candle you’ll soon realize just how refreshing and invigorating the aroma of water can be.

This is a sophisticated and crisp scent with just a slight hint of flowers, which is extremely delicate and light and helps to bring a sense of tranquillity to your bathroom. Try this candle when you next take a bath and you won’t lose yourself as some deeper scents can make you, but you will feel completely at peace.

Highest rated:

Trapp No. 4 – Orange Vanilla

Look at any retail website selling the Trapp No. 4 Orange Vanilla candle and you will see hundreds, if not thousands, of 5 star reviews. Even on Trapp’s own website where review numbers are generally pretty low, every single review gives this candle top marks.

The reason is that this is the perfect combination of fruity and crisp Brazilian orange, with delicate Tahitian vanilla. The fragrance is light, delicate but overall very refreshing, and will brighten the atmosphere in any room.

Trapp No. 13 – Bob’s Flower Shoppe

No. 13 Bob’s Flower Shoppe is a real classic in the Trapp fragrance line. Named for the founder of the company, this charming scent blends a mix of fresh floral aromas with the scent of cut green stems, and a hint of water droplets.

The result is a candle that genuinely smells like a fresh flower shop, from the damp dew on the leaves to the medley of delicate flowers that will waft throughout your room of choice. Truly an impressive and luxurious candle.

Are Trapp candles good?

Trapp candles are really popular with customers. They do have a surprisingly good fragrance for their size, and their claims that they will fill a room with scent within minutes are not wide of the mark. They have some excellent options available, good burn times and are overall a really solid choice when considering your next candle purchase.

Are Trapp candles toxic?

Trapp candles are not toxic to use. They are made using a natural soy wax blend with paper/cotton wicks, so they are completely safe. They do give off a powerful fragrance but the aromas are safe to inhale too. 

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How long do Trapp candles burn?

The burn time of a Trapp candle depends on the size that you buy, although they are always good value. A smaller 3.75oz candle that costs around $20 will last you around 30 hours, while their larger 16 oz 3-wick candles have a burn time of around 70 hours.

What is the most popular scent of Trapp candles?

The No. 4 Orange Vanilla is one of the most popular scents of Trapp candle, with its fruity aroma making a room feel very fresh. Bob’s Flower Shoppe, named for the founder Bob Trapp, is another that is often highlighted in customer reviews as being the perfect introduction to the range.

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Are Trapp candles soy?

Trapp candles are made from a natural soy wax blend. Soy wax is cleaner than paraffin wax and blends better with fragrance oils than beeswax. It’s considered the best compromise for long burn times, good fragrance delivery and affordability.

What are the cleanest candles to burn?

Any natural-based candle is going to be fairly clean to burn. The best are soy wax, beeswax or vegetable wax. Paraffin wax is popular because it’s cheap but it’s not as environmentally friendly, so tends to be used in more budget-range candles.

Where are Trapp candles made?

Trapp candles are still based in Kansas City Missouri, despite having been sold by the founder in 1994. They source fragrances from all over the world to create the best-smelling candles, and as well as selling them online they also offer their candles in a huge range of retailers’ stores.

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