Best Goose Creek Candle Scents (and where to buy them)

You might’ve spotted candles from Goose Creek in your local store or when browsing online. They’ve got some wonderfully inventive names and aromas, with a huge selection of candles for you to choose from.

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They’re a USA-based company first founded in 1998 in Kentucky. In the 20+ years since they were formed, they’ve built a reputation for some wonderful candle scents, and for being affordable too.

Here are some of the best Goose Creek candle scents you can buy right now, along with some tips on where to buy them.

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Best for bedroom

Cozy Sweater

You want your bedroom to be a safe, relaxing space and this wonderful aroma will bring about feelings of being wrapped up in your favorite sweater – where else could you feel more at peace? The scent combines cashmere and bergamot with hints of vanilla, cotton and woods, for an aroma that is reminiscent of the Fall season and getting wrapped up warm.

Fresh Laundry

Another wonderful option for your bedroom, there are few feelings as wonderful as climbing into a bed made with the freshest clean linens and this candle replicates those emotions with its charming cool scents. The blend of soft cotton and freshly washed linens is underpinned by a base of lavender, amber and sandalwood, filling your entire bedroom with the feeling of a summer’s breeze.

Best for kitchen

Our Family Kitchen

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home, a room filled with love and family memories gathered around a table or working together to bake sumptuous treats. This candle really captures that calming sense of family time, with delicious aromas of home baked goods including praline, caramel, cinnamon and vanilla helping even the most modest kitchen area feel like a cozy farmhouse.

Choco Puffs

Goose Creek are known for their amazing core range of scents but they also have regular themed candles that are even more fun and quirky. This Choco Puffs candle from their kids’ cereals range has top notes of milk and dark chocolate, with milk and vanilla in the mid range. The base of powdered sugar and cereal notes rounds out this novelty option that will remind you of breakfast time with the children.

Best for living room

Warm & Welcome

Snuggle up with your warmest blanket in front of a new TV show and this charming candle, helping you to shut out the cold and wind of the outdoors as the cooler nights draw in. The top notes of warm amber and vanilla sandalwood are backed up by marshmallow crème and white mocha, creating a truly soothing atmosphere where you can truly unwind as the day’s tensions and stresses are melted away.

Staying Home

This Staying Home candle does the same work as the Warm & Welcome candle but is better for anyone who prefers a lighter aroma. You’ll still feel warm and relaxed as the Fall rains and colder nights kick in, but with fresh bergamot and a mid-range of mandarin you’ll have a home that is breezier and cooler – equally relaxing, but gentler and more subtle.

Best for bathroom

California Coast

Any time you’re shopping for a candle for your bathroom, you can’t go wrong with a water-based scent. This coastal aroma captures the essence of the sandy beaches and lapping waters that run for miles up the state’s shoreline. A blend of bright citrus and sea breeze keeps the candle’s scent feeling refreshing and brisk, while the beach woods are a soothing undernote that can whisk you away from the worries of modern life.

Coral Sea Shells

A lot of people choose deeper, earthy scents when they want a candle next to them in the bath, but mix things up with this delightful tropical choice instead. It combines rich juicy fruits with blooming hibiscus and amber for a scent that is lively but more importantly is energizing and delicious. Relax your muscles with bath salts and clear your mind with this fulfilling and enriching fruity-floral scent.

Highest rated

Sugared Donut

Few smells can both excite and spark a flood of childhood memories like that of freshly fried sugared donuts. Capture that emotion and excitement of walking around your county fair or local theme park with the warm and soothing aromas of cinnamon, fried dough, vanilla and heated sugar that will have your mind soothed and your mouth watering.

Cozy Kitten

This candle is wonderfully named, because it perfectly represents how this candle strikes a balance between complete relaxation and hints of cute fun through its fruity twist. The top notes of spun sugar and pine grapefruit give way to a deeper blend of red berries, jasmine and dahlia, evoking that feeling of being wrapped up in your warmest blankets. The soft patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla base notes are the ideal soothing touch to complete your relaxing atmosphere.

Where can you buy Goose Creek candles?

Goose Creek Candles are becoming a more widely known name and so are appearing in a lot of independent candle stores, but you’re also able to find them in some Walmart stores and on Walmart’s website. You can of course buy them direct from the Goose Creek website and there are a few candles available on Amazon, but not their whole range.

Do Goose Creek candles smell good?

Goose Creek candles have a lovely aroma both when they are first opened and when they are lit. They say that they use three times as much fragrance as some other candle manufacturers, and while reviews are mixed on how strong they are, they certainly do at least have a wonderful aroma when you do smell them.

With such a huge range, there is a candle for everyone with Goose Creek, whether you want something more traditional, a fresh and fruity scent or a novelty item for the holidays or just because you want a fun smell to spark childhood memories.

Do Goose Creek candles have a good throw?

Goose Creek say that they use as much as three times more fragrance than other leading candle manufacturers to ensure that their candles smell good, and because the candles have 3 wicks you get a faster melt and a stronger release of the fragrance into your home.

Independent reviews are a little mixed though, so bear that in mind. Some people say that their candle fills the whole room easily with the aroma, while others have complained that the throw is actually quite short. It may depend on the specific candle, so buy one with stronger fragrances if you definitely want a good throw.

Do Goose Creek candles burn clean?

Goose Creek candles are cleaning burning – they don’t give off smoke or soot when you burn them, and the wicks are made from 100% cotton with no lead. The fragrances are IFRA approved which means they are completely safe for your home – you can enjoy Goose Creek candles with no worries.

Do Goose Creek candles contain paraffin?

Many of the Goose Creek candles are made using a premium-quality paraffin wax blend. They say that this means it creates a cleaner burn with no smoke, and gives a longer burn time too – paraffin wax does take longer to melt and burn through than some other variants and it won’t release anything toxic into your home.

Some of the candles do use a soy wax blend instead that is natural and better at releasing the fragrance – choose the more premium candles if you’re looking for a soy wax one instead.

How long do Goose Creek candles last?

Most of the candles sold by Goose Creek are 14.5oz and will have a burn time of at least 35 hours, but there are larger candles available with a longer burn time of 100 hours+ if you’re happy to pay more. Most of the candles use paraffin wax which has a longer burn time.

You can maintain your candle by making sure you don’t burn it in short bursts – always burn for at least two hours at a time, so that you evenly melt the whole surface of the candle. That way it stop it from becoming uneven which can cause it to burn faster on later uses.

Are Goose Creek candles cruelty free?

Yes, Goose Creek candles are cruelty-free. They’re made using paraffin wax or natural soy wax with non-toxic products that are safe to burn around kids and animals (providing you keep them out of reach of inquisitive fingers and paws, of course!).

As the candles are manufactured in the US as well you can be sure that the production process is responsible and ethical, too.

In summary

The huge range of fun and interesting scents make Goose Creek candles worthy of your time and attention. They’re affordable too, so you don’t need to spend a lot to enjoy the various fragrances they have to offer. 

Reviews on the throw of the candles are a little mixed but the consensus is that, when you can smell them, the aroma is certainly worth paying for, and even if you get one with a shorter throw you can still enjoy a charming scent.

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