The Strongest Yankee Candle Scents You Can Buy

Yankee Candles are known for having some of the strongest scents you can buy in a candle, and they last a long time too.

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Yankee Candles might not be as cheap as some other candle options but they offer great value, since you’ll get a candle that’s long-lasting and smells really good too. And in their iconic jar design they’re stylish too, making them the perfect addition to your home.

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But which is the strongest scent, and how do you make the most of the Yankee Candle aroma? Read on to learn more about Yankee Candles’ aromas.

  1. Macintosh
  2. Christmas Cookie
  3. Sage and Citrus
  4. Vineyard
  5. Black Cherry

What is the strongest smelling Yankee Candle?

One of the strongest smelling Yankee candles you can buy is the Macintosh. This is a very fruity candle, mixing the scent of juicy Macintosh apples with fruit peels and greens for an aromatic and punchy scent. Fruity smells are uplifting, and so stronger fragrances like this one give the room more energy.

However, it’s not just fruits that pack a potent smell. This Christmas Cookie is very rich, with a mix of vanilla, cinnamon, butter and sugar smells combining effectively. The result is warm and cozy, and very authentic – you’ll be checking the oven to see if a batch of cookies really are baking, and you’ll certainly get the craving.

Prefer something a little more natural? This strong-smelling Sage & Citrus candle goes back to that fruit vibe with some lemon-lime scents, but it’s the sage that really carries a kick with this aroma. It’s earthy and fresh, helping to add a very outdoors-y feel to an indoor space. And if you’ve a darker room, it will be lifted by the crisp, clean aroma that almost seems to add sunlight. 

Another strong option is technically fruit again, but at the same time it’s not the food you’ll be picturing. Instead, the Vineyard candle combines the sweet smells of cabernet, merlot and zinfandel grapes to conjure images of fine wines. The scents are sharp and refreshing, creating the welcoming atmosphere of an outdoor orchard rather than a dank wine cellar, thankfully. 

We end on a candle that is unashamedly popular and powerful, and yes it is another fruit option. The Black Cherry candle is made with pure cherries along with hints of almond and cinnamon for a slightly spiced fragrance. It’s one of the bestselling Yankee candles and with good reason – you’ll almost taste the fruit in the air.

How do you make Yankee candles smell stronger?

Yankee candles already have strong smells, with aromas that’ll last long into their burn time. However, you might decide that it’s still not quite enough for you, especially if you have a larger room with a lot of natural airflow which can dilute the fragrance.

If that’s the case, consider adding fragrance oil to the candle. A few drops will be heated by the flame on the wick and can create more airborne aromas for you to enjoy. Make sure to choose matching oils to your candle – either the same fragrance or one you know will be complementary.

Otherwise, you’ll just have a mis-match of scents that will spoil the ambience of the room and potentially be overpowering and unpleasant.

What’s the bestselling Yankee Candle?

Interestingly, the bestselling candles generally aren’t those with the strongest scents. The Black Cherry candle is an exception as it remains one of the most popular, but the other top sellers have more subtle aromas designed to be relaxing rather than dominating.

Number one is the Calm & Quiet Place candle. As the name suggests this is all about creating an atmosphere in your home where you can unwind and enjoy almost a meditative state – in fact if you do meditate this candle is the ideal companion. It’s a gentle blend of jasmine, patchouli and amber musk, creating a soothing fresh aroma.

Angel’s Wings is another airy scent that people love to buy for themselves or as a gift. It’s a light scent of vanilla, spun sugar and flower petals and is ideal for anyone who wants a serene fragrance to enjoy. Due to the peaceful aroma and the name of this candle it’s a common choice as a gift for someone who has lost a family member, and can be lit at a time of remembrance. 

Baby Powder is the third of the bestsellers and is it really such a surprise, when actual baby powder smells so innocent and pleasant? This delicate, sweet candle won’t overpower a room but will just add a gentle layer of charming fragrance that will help you unwind after a hectic day.

Why are Yankee Candles so expensive?

Yankee Candles are usually a bit more expensive than some other brands, for which there are three main reasons.

The first is the scent – Yankee Candles are known for being some of the strongest-smelling options you can buy. The aroma of a Yankee candle will fill even large rooms and won’t just fizzle out, with the fragrance oil throughout the whole of the wax. The result is a candle that is pleasant for its entire lifetime.

And that lifetime is the second reason Yankee candles are a little more pricey – they do have a long burn time. It depends on the size of candle you buy, but you can reasonably expect your candle to burn for over 100 hours for an average one. Think – if that’s three hours, every single night, it’ll still keep going for more than a month.

Finally, Yankee is an established brand name, and that carries a slightly inflated price tag. It’s a brand known all over the world, and so can charge a premium for its candles. If they were no good then it’d be dangerous, but the fact that the candles are high quality means that the brand has a certain reputation that means more expensive pricing.

You can find cheaper Yankee candles if you shop around, but beware cheap imitations – they won’t be anywhere near as good. Also, it’s worth noting that the Yankee candles you buy from Walmart may not been the same quality, despite being the same company – more on that below.

What can I do with old Yankee Candle jars?

Yankee candles are famous for their use of a jar as the candle holder. It’s a unique style that’s closely associated with the brand, and the jars are pretty robust. So what do you do when you’ve finished with the candle – recycle the jar in the trash? You could, but why not reuse it instead?

They’re ideal for storage. Just give the jar a good clean out, and it can hold various small household items that otherwise might lay loose, or be in more artificial packaging that clashes with your décor. A clear jar fits almost any room theme, so whether it’s q-tips or stationery, a jar is a great accessory for holding smaller items.

They also make really fun photo frames. Take a polaroid or other small photo print and place it into the jar, either curving it against the surface or leaving it flat. Then, add some battery-powered string lights, and replace the lid. The result is a fun and charming way of displaying your favorite snaps.

Finally, why not have a go making your own candles? It’s pretty simple if you follow an online tutorial. Just make sure you only keep them for yourself or give them as gifts. If you try to start your own shop selling candles in a jar on somewhere like Etsy, Yankee will come down on you pretty hard.

What candle has the strongest scent?

There’s a lot of debate between candle fans as to which candle has the strongest scent. Yankee Candle’s Macintosh is certainly part of that argument, but some others feel that various Bath and Body Works candles are stronger. A lot of it comes down to personal preference since there’s no real scientific way to measure the strength of a candle’s scent in a home.

Is Yankee Candle better than Bath and Body Works?

Again, there’s no definitive answer here. People have their favorites and for some that’s Yankee, and for others its Bath and Body Works. They both have a great range of fragrances to choose from, and people rave about how long-lasting and strong those scents are.

Try both, and see which one you prefer so you can make your own mind up. You might not have a favorite, which would probably be best, since you then get to enjoy the options from both manufacturers without any prejudice.

What is the most popular candle scent at Bath and Body Works?

While there is no single most popular candle scent, one of the bestsellers (and also one of those with the strongest scent) is the Eucalyptus Spearmint candle. It’s very refreshing, with two bold fragrances perfectly blended to create a strong, relaxing smell that’s ideal for aromatherapy. And with three wicks it burns evenly, so you don’t have a lop-sided candle that looks unattractive.

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Are Walmart Yankee candles the same?

If you shop at Walmart, you’ll see a lot of Yankee candles. Sometimes they’re branded as Yankee, and other times as American Home.

These candles are produced by the same company behind Yankee candles but that doesn’t mean they’re the same quality. While the company won’t disclose information about the different candles, candle fans are adamant that the candles you buy at Walmart are not as high quality. They might claim to have the same aromas but they don’t last as long and aren’t as strong.

It’s best to avoid buying Yankee candles from Walmart if you have an alternative, to guarantee you get the quality you want.

Are Yankee candles toxic?

There’s a misconception, or a worry, that Yankee candles are toxic. They aren’t, and they’re perfectly safe to use.

Tests have been carried out on the paraffin wax used to make Yankee candles that shows it isn’t just OK for candles, it’s actually used (safely) in various edible food items. And the soot generated by the candle is the equivalent of your average kitchen toaster – so no harm whatsoever.

It’s still always best to use candles in a ventilated room, because over time the strong scents can be a little overpowering if you don’t get some fresh air. And of course, keep them away from anything flammable and maintain proper candle safe use.

What’s your favorite Yankee candle scent? Do you have one that you feel is stronger that some of these options? Whichever is your preference, Yankee candles can always be relied on to create an amazing aroma in your home that will last for a long time.

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