Best Affordable Candles {that are actually worth buying}

Where can I find good cheap candles?

Filling your home with beautiful scents, and creating a calming atmosphere, means you can relax at the end of a tiring day. Candles make a house feel like a home, though you might not feel like you’ve got the budget to keep candles burning every day. Fortunately, there are many low-priced candles that are effective and smell great.

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A word of caution, however – often (though not always) more expensive candles offer better value for money. Higher prices usually mean better ingredients and manufacturing processes, for candles that last longer and smell stronger.

For the best value for money, you might want to buy candles from some of the leading well-known brands. If you’re on a tighter budget, there are many great candles at much lower prices if you know the best places to look.

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These are the best affordable candles that anyone would love:

Best according to Reddit: Capri Blue Volcano

Get the candle that Anthropologie has burning in their store for a “relaxing and inviting scent.” With a great price for an expensive looking and smelling candle, you can’t go wrong with the Capri Blue candle.

Best on Amazon: Chesapeake Bay Stillness + Purity Candle

This candle has the highest amount of ratings on Amazon, over 35,000! And people agree- it’s a 4.5 star candle. According to one reviewer, this candle smells “holy god good.”

It’s very affordable and blends in with any space.

Best with soy wax: CoCo Benjamin Basil, Lime & Mandarin

This candle is made with eco-friendly 100% natural soy wax and scents inspired by nature. One person mentioned that the smell is ” bright, citrusy, energetic,” and that it “burns evenly, no pops or crackling.”

Best cute: Bauhinia 12 Constellations Scented Candles

This set of candles is so cute- 12 beautiful tins with 12 different scents. Choose one to suit your mood or add a splash of vibrant color to any room.

They’re made with natural soy wax and each candle burns for 18-20 hours. That gives you over 240 hours of burn time for an awesome price.

Best under $10: Glade Candle Vanilla Passion Fruit + Hawaiian Breeze

You really can’t beat the price of a Glade candle. Plus they’re designed to be air fresheners so the scents are strong and fill the room quickly.

Best under $20: Urban Concepts Tranquility – Lemongrass & Wild Basil

Urban Concepts candles are trendy and highly scented. They’ll last for a long time and fill your house with unique and delicious scents.

One reviewer mentioned that they are “the longest lasting candles I have ever purchased.”

Best under $30: Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint

Eucalyptus Spearmint is part of Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy line and smells absolutely divine. It’s one of their most popular scents and will burn for 25-45 hours with a stress relieving scent that’s bright and fresh.

What are the best inexpensive candles?

To find the best inexpensive candles, you’ll want to look at customer reviews. Look for customers that talk about a candle’s ‘throw’. A wide throw means that the scent travels well, so it’ll spread throughout the room the candle’s in. If a candle doesn’t have a good throw, you’ll need to get close before you smell it.

As well as finding candles with wide throws, consider the quality of the scent and make sure that reviews are positive. It’s no good having an effective candle if the smell is unpleasant. Also consider how evenly the candle will be burning – candles are wasteful if the wick in the middle only burns through the center of the candle, leaving wax untouched on every side.

The best inexpensive candles are usually ones with three wicks, because these help to spread the heat evenly across the candle’s surface. Many of the leading brands sell three-wick or triple-wick candles, but they’re also available at lower prices if you take time to shop around.

What are the best candles for the money?

Though candles from the leading brands might seem expensive initially, they’re usually worth the extra money you’ll spend on them. Candles from Bath & Body Works, Yankee and other similar brands will burn for a very long time. These candles also have scents people love, and wide throws.

The best candles for the money are not usually the cheapest. Buying cheap candles might save money at first, but that’s not worthwhile if you can’t smell the candle unless you sit beside it all evening. You’ll also need to buy candles more often, so you’ll spend more money over time. To get great value, you need a candle that’s been made to very high standards.

What is the best brand of scented candles?

Yankee candles and Bath & Body Works candles are the market-leading brands. Bath & Body Works candles are the best for strong scents, whilst Yankee candles last longer. Both brands offer a fantastic variety of scents and products to choose from.

What is the best place to buy candles?

The best place to buy candles cheap is usually in-store when there’s a sale. If you time your purchase right, you could get new candles at a fraction of the usual price. When that’s not an option or you don’t want to wait, you can buy cheap candles on Amazon.

Online stores like Amazon are some of the best places to buy candles, simply because you can order from Amazon direct or from third party sellers. You’ll have many candles to choose from, you can browse all different brands and scents, and you can enjoy fast shipping to get your candles in no time.

If you’re buying candles online, you’re able to check the reviews and make sure that the products you’re buying are worthwhile. It’s easy to find the best cheap candles on Amazon by sorting your search results by rating.

What is the difference between cheap and expensive candles?

Though it isn’t always the case, most expensive candles are made to higher standards with better quality ingredients. They’re designed to burn evenly, to last longer and to throw their scents better. The leading brands, with their more expensive candles, also offer better variety. You’ll find a wider range of candle scents to choose from, and candles in a wider range of sizes.

Cheap candles are usually mass-produced using lower quality ingredients. The scents may not be as strong, and the candles might melt very quickly so they won’t last very long.

Of course, there are always exceptions to rules. Some expensive candles are not worth the money, whilst some cheap ones are surprisingly effective.

Why are Yankee candles so expensive?

Yankee candles are high quality candles, designed to burn evenly and slowly. A typical medium-sized Yankee candle is designed to last 60+ hours. A large candle can burn for up to 150 hours, and the scent stays strong from start to finish because it’s mixed well through the wax and is distributed evenly.

Yankee candles are made from all-natural ingredients, whilst some other cheaper candles are not.

Are scented candles bad for you?

Scented candles – especially cheaper ones – can contain chemicals that might have harmful effects. These chemicals include carcinogens and may cause respiratory issues. However, one candle alone will not cause any harm. In order to experience negative health effects, you’d need to be burning several candles each day. You’d also need to spend a lot of time sitting very close to a candle. As the scent from the candle disperses, airborne chemicals are diluted.

To avoid any risks associated with candles, don’t sit too close to the candle itself whilst it’s burning. This is a good reason to pay for quality candles, because their wider throw means you can enjoy them from a lot further away. Stop using candles if you start to experience early warning signs like headaches and dizziness.

Are Yankee candles worth the money?

A Yankee candle might seem expensive, but it’s a candle made to last. When a medium-sized candle burns for 60+ hours, you’re getting better value for money. Other cheaper candles of a similar size might not burn for very long at all.

Yankee candles are also designed to burn evenly, so nothing is wasted. They have stronger scents with a better throw, and there are many different scents available. Many people feel that it’s worth spending more to buy a real Yankee candle.

Is Yankee candle better than Bath & Body Works?

Yankee candles come in more varieties than Bath & Body Works candles. They also last longer – a 14.5 oz candle from Yankee will burn for 65-90 hours, whilst the equivalent candle from Bath & Body Works can be expected to burn for 40 hours. However, Bath & Body Works candles are stronger and have a wider throw to disperse scents.

Bath & Body Works candles burn more quickly and intensely, whilst Yankee candles last longer and are slightly less effective. Both are great candles, designed to last a long time and to do their job well.

What’s so special about WoodWick candles?

WoodWick candles are Yankee Candle products, with natural wooden wicks. These candles crackle as they burn, creating an even more calming and relaxing atmosphere. Whilst other candles are loved for their beautiful scents and the visual flickering flame, WoodWick candles add wonderful sounds to appeal to another of your senses. Who doesn’t love the sound of a crackling flame? The best WoodWick candles are widely considered to be the Trilogy candles, with three separate scents layered in a jar so the candle scent changes over time.

Are Bath & Body Works candles toxic?

Bath & Body Works candles, like most others on the market, do contain some chemicals that can cause problems if they’re inhaled in large quantities. To reach this point, you’d need to be burning candles every day for several years. Most candle-users don’t need to worry about any negative health effects.

Burning candles can cause some respiratory issues. Early warning signs include headaches and dizziness, so you should stop burning candles in your home if you notice these symptoms. All Bath & Body Works candles have gone through rigorous testing and are FDA approved.

What makes a luxury candle?

A luxury candle provides a powerful multi-sensory experience. It should look beautiful – especially when lit – and should have an intense wide-reaching scent. Scents from luxury candles should also be realistic and relatively natural, rather than smelling like artificial scents created in a factory or laboratory. If you’re burning a strawberry scented candle, it should smell like real fresh strawberries rather than artificial candy.

Luxury candles can also appeal to your other senses. Wooden wicks create an especially soothing environment, which can really help relax muscles and reduce tension.

If you purchase a luxury candle, it should help you to unwind and should make your home feel much more welcoming for yourself and for any guests.

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