The Best Diptyque Candles {most popular Dyptique scents you need in your home}

Diptyque candles are one of the most prominent products sold by Diptyque, a Paris-based luxury fragrance brand. The company also produces high-end perfumes, soaps, and body creams. It’s a deluxe brand whose products are usually found in exclusive department stores. The word dyptique translated means “an artistic work in 2 parts.”

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Their fragrances are world renowned as a perfumery specialist, and this expertise is just as apparent in their range of scented candles. Their stylish design and unique branding had made them popular among celebrities and influencers.

This Diptyque candle review will go through their main selling points, the quality of the candles, and whether they live up to their impressive reputation.

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These are by far the most loved and best smelling dyptique candles:

1. Baies Black Candle

Why we love it: While it does smell of berries, the scent is less reminiscent of fresh fruit and more of jam, like baked berry compote. Behind the initial berry hit there are notes of rose petal, in keeping with the brands theme of smelling like the Parisian outdoors.

2. Feu De Bois Candle

Why we love it: It has the unique scent of burning wood. It’s intended to remind you of a warming fireside experience, while a wintery day goes by outside.

3. Figuire Candle

Why we love it: One of Dyptique’s most popular scents, it smells of figs with notes of green leaves. It’s unique and inviting.

4. Amber Candle

Why we love it: The Amber candle is warm, mysterious and elegant. It has a woodsy scent, with vetiver and patchouli that’s balanced with aniseed, spices and incense.

5. Tubereuse Candle

Why we love it: Strong, flowery and absolutely sensual. If you’re looking to impress- tuberose is a white bulb flower from Mexico that boasts being the most expensive raw floral material in the world.

2. Roses Candle

Why we love it: Glamorous, floral and feminine. Roses is a timeless scent that blends several varieties of roses to make a candle that smells like a rose garden.

2. Feuille de Lavande Candle

Why we love it: Imagine freshly cut grass and blooming lavender mixed together. It’s wonderful.

2. Mimosa Candle

Why we love it: This candle smells like a countryside close to the sea and brings the scent of hay and honey together in a gorgeous mix.

2. Eucalyptus Candle

Why we love it: Green, lively and invigorating.

2. Oranger Candle

Why we love it: Deliciously tangy and slightly spicy.

What is so special about Diptyque candles?

With luxury scented candles, which come with a luxury price tag, people often wonder if the candles are worth the money. What is so special about Diptyque scented candles that make them cost so much money? The answer is quite simply the fragrance, the look, and the quality of ingredients. 

Their fragrances are renowned, not only for their strength of scent and impressive throw, but for their distinctly Parisian signature notes. Every scented candle company tries to stand out with unique scents that present the tone of the brand well, and Diptyque does this as well as any other. Their fragrances tend to smell natural, floral, green, and evocative of walks in the French countryside or nights in by a cozy fireside. They’re not only selling a smell but a feeling and atmosphere, and they do this really well.

Another strong selling point is their sleek and stylish, boutique design. They’re subtle enough to match almost any style of décor, simple enough to present a classic finish, and yet still quirky enough, with their slightly muddled up type, to stand out from the crowd.

Diptyque also boast very high-quality ingredients. They are famous for having never used synthetic fragrances in their products, which is especially impressive when you realize they’ve been making candles as far back as 1963. 

Which Dyptique Candles Do Celebrities Use?

According to NY Mag and House Beautiful, these are the favorite Dyptique scents of celebrities:

Are Diptyque candles worth it?

Diptyque are certainly a luxury brand of candles and as such have a premium cost. Whether or not they’re worth it is largely down to personal choice and what you’re willing to pay.

If you’re just looking for a pleasant smelling candle to burn every day of the week, then you’re probably better off going for a cheaper brand. At around $80 for a 6.5oz candle, Diptyque are more suitable for those who are looking for prestigious, aspirational products to fill their home with. To be honest, many people who buy Diptyque candles use the as exclusive decoration pieces, and can’t bring themselves to actually burn them.

That said, although they are expensive, they’re not the most expensive out there. For most candle lovers, they probably cost too much to buy for themselves regularly. However, for an occasional treat, or even a special gift for a friend or family member, they are probably worth the price. 

What are the most popular Diptyque candles?

While Diptyque may not have quite the same range as some other brands, it does have over 40 iconic scents to choose from. All are up to the company’s notoriously high standard for ingredients and strength of scent, but which are the most popular? There are a four that stand out as true representatives of the Parisian brand. 

Feuille de Lavande is a consistently popular candle scent. It’s said to smell like the fields of Provence, and with notes of lavender leaf, and freshly cut grass, it’s a really popular choice for bringing the scent of the outdoors inside.

Another fashionable, and distinctively French, smelling candle is Baies. While it does smell of berries, the scent is less reminiscent of fresh fruit and more of jam, like baked berry compote. Behind the initial berry hit there are notes of rose petal, in keeping with the brands theme of smelling like the Parisian outdoors.

Figuier is Diptyque’s well-known fig scented candle. It’s a very unique fragrance and, again, particularly French. While a fig scented candle may sound as if it would smell overly fruity, Figuier retains a green leafy scent, alongside the fruit notes.  

Perhaps the most popular is Feu de Bois. It has the unique and distinct scent of burning wood. It’s intended to be reminiscent of a warming fireside experience, and that would explain why this candle sells so well in the winter time. There are a handful of other brands that try and create this iconic scent, but Feu de Bois is one of the industry’s most famous scents for a reason. 

How long do Diptyque candles last?

Diptyque claim that their candles are designed to last longer than other brands, and on average that they last between 50 and 60 hours while burning. Independent reviews tend to back this up, and so despite being relatively expensive they do have a fairly long life.

Is Diptyque Organic?

Diptyque candles are made from “high quality” paraffin wax, rather than natural organic bee or soy wax that some brands use. They are not produced using organic ingredients. However, this does not mean the ingredients are not good quality. 

Are Diptyque candles toxic?

There’s no reason for Diptyque candle users to be concerned about toxicity. These high-quality candles do not contain any harmful synthetic ingredients. The fragrances are made from entirely natural sources, and whilst the wax is made from high-grade paraffin, this has been subject to many third party studies, none of which suggest any evidence of toxicity when burned. 

Who is Diptyque owned by?

Diptyque is based in Paris, France, and it’s original boutique, first opened in 1961, is still located on the iconic Boulevard Saint-Germain, in the French capital. Although the brand is still based in and run from Paris, in 2005 Manzanita Capital, a London-based private equity fund, purchased the business.

Does Diptyque ever go on sale?

Like most truly exclusive brands, Diptyque very rarely goes on sale. Maintaining the premium image is key to the brand, and so keeping the items at an exclusive price is something the company is keen to do.

Sometimes Diptyque themselves do have limited special offers. For example, at the time of writing their website features an offer where if you spend over $150 online then you’ll receive a free 35g candle and 10ml bottle of Eau de Parfum.

Occasionally in large sales, such as closing down sales and Black Friday events, Diptyque stock does feature. If you’re looking for bargain products from the brand though you’ll really have to be vigilant, as it doesn’t happen often and when it does the candles and perfume sell out very quickly.

How do you pronounce Diptyque candles?

It may not seem obvious at first how to pronounce Diptyque, especially if you’re not a French speaker. The best way to think about it is that the first half of the word is pronounced ‘dip’, as an English speaker would usually pronounce it, and the second half is pronounced like the second half of the word ‘boutique’. Phonetically it’s pronounced ‘dip-teek’. 

What does Diptyque Do Son Smell like?

Do Son is one of Diptyque’s most recognizable classic perfume fragrances. It’s usually described as a fresh floral scent, with top notes of African orange flower, iris, rose petal, and base notes of pink pepper and musk. It’s a subtle, distinct scent that has been consistently popular for years.

Final Thoughts

Whether you decide if Diptyque candles are right for you really depends on your style, needs, and budget. However, if you do chose them you can be confident that they’re an eye-catching quality product. 

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