These Are the Most Expensive Candles In the World {19 luxury candles that are worth it}

If you’re looking to make your home feel a little more comfortable, a candle is a wonderful option. Adding a scent can help to improve your mood, lower any tension and simply create a calming atmosphere where you can feel safe and relaxed.

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If you don’t know much about candles, you might be surprised by just how much the prices can vary. Cheap candles can easily be picked up for a few bucks but expect a low-quality candle if you don’t spend. The best luxury candles 2022 has to offer may cost you a little more, but you’ll be rewarded with a stronger scent and a longer-lasting candle.

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What are luxury candles?

Luxury candles are those that are made by true candle experts. Anyone can make a candle with some wax, a few drops of scented oil and a wick, but only the finest candlemakers can make the best expensive candles that will last longer, smell stronger and are often presented in a much more attractive way. Designer candles don’t just smell the part, but they look it too.

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Are more expensive candles worth it?

There’s no easy answer to whether expensive candles are worth it. If you can comfortably afford a more expensive candle though, then you will get one that is a much higher quality. You don’t just pay for the ‘brand’ with candles, but you do actually get more for your cash.

More expensive candles are made using better materials, and with fragrances that may be more costly to use. They’ll burn more evenly than a cheap candle and will be designed to release their fragrance further, filling more of your room with their scent.

Plus, more expensive candles are generally presented in a much nicer holder, that can be later re-used as a home accessory. So, if you can stretch to a better candle then it is worth it, and if you see luxury candles on sale you should absolutely snap them up.

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Which are the best candles?

There is no single candle that you can definitively call the best, although many luxury candle manufacturers such as Dyptique or Jo Malone would surely like to stake a claim.

The best candles are those with a high quality wick, which stands freely and produces a strong enough flame to evenly burn the candle. You should see a thin layer of molten wax across the whole top of the candle.

It will also have a carefully-chosen fragrance mix that works well as a combined scent and can be easily smelled from a distance, not just up close.

What is the most expensive candle brand?

The most expensive candle brands that are renowned for their candles are those like Jo Malone and Diptyque, which offer a wide range of scents and burn magnificently.

However, there are other designer brands that manufacture candles that are more expensive. These tend to be more one-off creations, or are expensive purely because of the design of the holder.

What’s the most expensive candle?

There are many candles that would claim to be the most expensive in the world, but you’ll have a hard time finding one that beats the Oceans Gold Edition candle from Lalique Voyage De Parumeur. It costs a staggering amount, almost $2,000 USD. That works out at around $25 per hour, which is a marginally better way of looking at it.

It’s unlikely that a $2,000 candle will ever make it onto a list of “luxury candles that are worth it”, so here are 19 that are still expensive, but more worth the cost for the everyday user:

Diptyque Baies Candle – Indoor/Outdoor Ceramic Version

This large candle is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and will cost you around $400, which is a significant investment when you’re shopping for candles. But for that you get a candle weighing over 3lb in a stunning earthenware pot that will last for an exceptionally long time.

The fragrance is beautiful too – the Baies candle range if one of Diptyque’s most popular with a wonderful fresh rose aroma that has a sweet kick of blackcurrant. Utterly delightful.

Diptyque Scented Candle 34 Boulevard

This beautiful 34 Boulevard Saint Germain candle is another stunning Diptyque option that will cost you around $90-100. The scent is both fresh and spicy, with an aroma that incorporates sun-dried fig leaves and damp mosses for a natural and calming fragrance.

Diptyque Grey Feu de Bois

A slightly more luxurious candle option from Diptyque – but not quite as grand as the indoor/outdoor version – is the glass candles that weigh just over 10oz and will cost around $130. The hand-blown container is stunning, while this particular fragrance – based on a natural wood fire – will leave you feeling completely at peace in your home.

Dyptique Classic Candle Set

Technically not one candle, but a gift set of six that will set you back over $400. However, while that might sound pretty expensive, remember that you’re getting six of the most luxurious candles you can buy, averaging out at around $65 per candle.

You can choose which scents you receive, and then you’ve either got the choice of placing them around your home to match the room, or choosing your favorite spot and having them on rotation, so that you never get bored of the same aroma.

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

Specially crafted in the English countryside and with a long burn time of around 90 hours, this stunning deluxe candle from Jo Malone carries a warm scent that really fills a room with a gentle, peaceful ambience.

The fragrance combines the delicate juicy aroma of pomegranate with the smoky sensation of Guaiac wood, for a delightful atmosphere that is both serene but also fun. Expect to pay in the region of $180-220 for this candle.

Jo Malone Pine & Eucalyptus XXL

Another divine scent carefully crafted by Jo Malone, this candle is certainly lively. It combines the rich aromas of a pine forest with the refreshing zing of eucalyptus, giving you a truly fresh fragrance to waken the senses when you step into the room.

This is the XXL candle, weighing in at a mammoth 5.5lb. As such, you can expect it to last for around 220 hours of burn time, but you’ll also need to pay between $400-500 for the privilege.

Jo Malone Lime, Basil & Mandarin Deluxe

Jo Malone’s luxury candles are well known for their careful use of scent combinations, creating candles that actually smell premium and high quality. There are few better examples than this exciting blend of lime, mandarin and basil.

The fruity kick provided by the lime and mandarin is robust without being overpowering – managing to strike the balance between having punch without becoming offensive. The basil twist is key to that – it softens the scent in just the right way, so you are left with a wonderful aroma to brighten your day.

Jo Malone Red Roses Home

If you want to experience Jo Malone’s magnificent luxury scents without paying triple figures, there are smaller candles that still have an excellent burn time, without costing you the earth.

This Red Roses candle is exquisitely scented to replicate the smell of freshly cut flowers, and will last you around 45 hours, with a cost of around $70.

Dior Green Toile de Jouy Large Candle

While not a specialist candle manufacturer, Dior is widely known as being one of the world’s most luxurious brands. So, it won’t come as a shock that this candle comes with a hefty price tag. Especially as it’s a huge candle with an estimate burn time of 400 hours. That almost makes the $700 you’d need to pay to own it seem perfectly reasonable.

It is floral both in design and scent, with a charming aroma of hydrangea. And it is housed in a blown-glass jar that will serve as a wonderful keepsake box in future.

Dior Riviera Candle

Another large candle from the Dior brand, this one combines fruity scents such as blackcurrant and raspberry with the calming aromas of white musk, cedar and jasmine. The result is a potent but soothing fragrance that easily weaves its way around your room.

The container has a striking motif and again can be reused in future as storage or a charming luxury gift box. Although at $650 for the candle you may want to keep it as a reminder.

Trapp Candle No. 24 – Teak & Wild Currant

If the prices of a Dior candle are way higher than you’d ever be prepared to pay, a Trapp candle might offer the ideal balance between premium quality and affordability.

This luxury wildcurrant and teak candle will burn for around 70 hours and is packaged in a stunning pearlescent glass holder. Expect to pay between $50-70 for this triple-wick candle.

Trapp Candle No. 73 – Vetiver Seagrass

Another Trapp candle that sits in the reasonable premium price bracket, this 16oz candle also comes with attractive glass holder and is made from soy wax, that burns cleaner than paraffin wax used in other candles.

The scent of this candle – vetiver seagrass – combines fresh vetiver with the juicy kick of satsuma mandarin, for a fragrance that livens up a room.

Trapp Seasonal Collection – White Fir

A luxury candle makes for a wonderful Christmas gift, and this White Fir fragrance from Trapp is charming. It brings the feeling of a fresh cut tree into your home, with pine, balsam and fir wood scents cleverly combining to give a vibrant forest vibe.

The beautiful gold mercury glass holder rounds out the premium feel of this candle that should still cost you around $50. Almost a bargain for such a premium candle.

BYREDO Bibliotheque

Byredo’s candles are elegant, stylish and have a powerful scent that is often simple but executed to a high standard. The result is a design and aroma that doesn’t overcomplicate things and instead just focuses on excellence.

This candle has a vanilla fragrance gently mixed with a touch of peach and plum, will last for around 60 hours and will cost you in the region of $90-120.


Again, Byredo keep things simple with this luxury candle that offers an aroma reminiscent of woodlands. This candle does layer various wood scents together to create that feeling of walking through a forest, ensuring a calming scent for your home.

Expect to pay around $90-120 for this candle as well, and it has the same stylish black glass jar that can later work as a contemporary accessory for your home.

Le Labo Santal Concrete Candle

Perfect for outdoor use or if you’ve a bold interior design, this candle is situated in a solid concrete bowl and weighs almost 3lb. It has layered scents, with the top providing a blend of violet and cardamom, the middle layer iris and ambrox and the final layer sandalwood and cedarwood.

Made in the USA, this soy wax candle costs almost $500 but will last a long time, and the Le Labo signature scents are highly aromatic.

Lladro Missing You Candle

A Spanish candle, this beautiful candle comes in a handmade porcelain holder with a charming wooden top. It has a floral garden scent, and at around $70 will look and smell great in your home.

Apotheke Charcoal Luxury Candle

This bold candle has a distinctive charcoal, cedarwood, sandalwood and amber scent and with its striking black holder will look great in a contemporary home.

At 32oz it burns for around 15-20 hours, which is below average for a candle this size, but the high concentration of oils ensures a scent that’s as powerful as the design of the holder.

Jonathan Adler Muse Noir Candle

This unique luxury candle from Jonathan Adler has a holder that is shaped of porcelain faces, and a midnight black wax that releases a deep aroma of bergamot and black plum.

If you want a statement piece, this candle certainly stands out and is a high quality gift that represents pretty good value for its $80 pricing.

Why is Diptyque candle so expensive?

While Diptyque candles use some of the best materials and ingredients, the real cost comes from the care that goes into making them. Candles are made manually, in small doses, to make sure they’re all the quality they should be, and wicks are added and straightened by hand to make sure the burn is as even as possible.

 Are Jo Malone candles worth it?

Jo Malone candles are another expensive option but their scents are some of the most loved. The delicate combinations of fragrances are perfectly balanced and powerful enough to fill your room. So to many, paying extra for a Jo Malone candle is absolutely worth it.

Are Bath and Body Works candles worth it?

Bath and Body Works candles are not some of the more expensive options, but they are well made and have some charming scents. If you want the feel of a more luxury candle without the hefty price tag, then Bath and Body Works might be just what you’re looking for.

Why are soy candles so expensive?

Soy candles are more expensive than those made from paraffin wax because they’re made from natural ingredients – soybeans, to be precise. As such, the manufacture process is a bit more costly. However, they burn a lot longer and are excellent at transferring fragrances into the air. So they are more cost effective, because you’ll get a much higher quality candle for the price you pay.

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