Best Bath & Body Works Candles (According to Reviews)

What are the most popular scents at Bath and Body Works?

Around the world, Bath & Body Works has become a leading household name. There are more than 100 Bath & Body Works stores in Canada alone, and of course many more in the US, though even across the Atlantic there are people buying candles through online auction sites.

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Bath & Body Works candles have a great reputation. Some people are fanatic about collecting their candles. People plan excitedly for the annual Candle Day, and residents of countries without physical stores will order candles to be shipped to their homes. Are Bath & Body Works candles really as good as people say? Which are the best candles, according to reviews, and what should you look for in a candle to know that it’s a great one?

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Are Bath & Body Works candles good quality?

Of all the factors that go into a decision to buy Bath & Body Works candles, many people would cite quality as the most important thing to consider. In fact, Bath & Body Works candles are considered to be some of the best in the world.

The high quality of a Bath & Body Works candle is influenced by how it’s made. Large candles typically have three wicks, for an even and consistent burn. The scents have a wide throw, so they drift throughout the rooms of your home. Bath & Body Works candles are very intense, with strong scents that won’t leave you underwhelmed.

With their even and consistent burn, intense scent and wide throw, Bath & Body Works candles come very highly recommended. Whilst some other candles might only smell great if you spend your time very close to them, with Bath & Body Works you can leave the room and still smell the candle elsewhere in your house.

These are the most popular Bath and Body Works candles:

What is the best candle from Bath & Body Works?

Though ‘best’ is subjective, there are leading Bath & Body Works candles that everyone seems to want to buy. The most popular is the Eucalyptus Spearmint, loved for its very fresh scent. The Eucalyptus Spearmint candle is great for when you’re ill, as it really helps to clear your airways, but even if you aren’t the refreshing and clean scent will leave you feeling awake and at ease.

Customers also really recommend the Japanese Cherry Blossom candles, for their beautiful floral scent that’s even stronger than most.

Of course, the best and most highly recommended candle will also change with the seasons. At Christmas, candles with cinnamon scents will quickly rise up the rankings, although lighter smells that are more fresh will be popular in the springtime.

Why Bath & Body Works candles are bad for you?

Bath & Body Works candles aren’t bad for you, but it is worth being fully aware of the ingredients. The main ingredients of their candles are combinations of vegetable, soy and paraffin wax. Paraffin is made from petroleum, which means that candles made from paraffin wax are from non-sustainable sources. Soy wax is sustainable, natural and clean-burning, but doesn’t offer the same incredible scent throw.

There are some concerns that paraffin wax candles contain carcinogens that are released into the air when the candle is burning, but studies have shown that you’d have to burn candles daily for many years to be affected. Bath & Body Works candles have been through rigorous testing to ensure that they are safe for sale.

Are Bath & Body Works candles toxic in 2021?

Bath & Body Works candles have been thoroughly tested to make sure that they are safe for sale and use. They meet or exceed all industry standards, so they are safe to burn in your home.

There are some concerns about paraffin wax, which is used in Bath & Body Works candles, releasing toxic chemicals when burned. However, scientific studies have shown that you’d have to be exposed to a lot of burning candles to even begin to be affected by any released carcinogens. Unless you’re using Bath & Body Works candles daily for many years, this shouldn’t be a significant concern or affect your candle-buying habits.

Are candles bad for your lungs?

You would need to be burning several candles at once for the fumes to have an impact on your lungs, or to be using candles every day for several years. All types of burning candles do release fumes that can impact your respiratory system, but one candle alone will not release enough fumes to affect you. It’s still a good idea to make sure a room is well ventilated if you regularly use candles though. Not while you’ve got one lit of course, otherwise a breeze will likely extinguish it!

How much are candles at Bath & Body Works on Candle Day?

Candle Day is an annual event where all candles are sold at low prices. This sale usually lasts three days in store, with savings available for 24 hours online.

Prices can vary from year to year, but expect to pay $9 to $10 for a candle that would cost about $25 at the usual price.

Are Yankee Candles and Bath & Body Works owned by the same company?

The Yankee Candle Company is a subsidiary of Newell Brands. Bath & Body Works is a subsidiary of L Brands. The two candle brands are not owned by the same overall company.

How long do Bath & Body Works candles last?

Standard Bath & Body Works candles last for between 30 and 45 hours. Exact burn time can vary, depending on the individual candle ingredients and the environment it’s burning in.

Are Yankee candles bad for you?

Like Bath & Body Works candles, Yankee candles are not inherently bad for you. Burning multiple candles at once, or burning every day for several years without time for your lungs to take a break, could lead to breathing issues and a slightly increased risk of cancer, but burning candles in moderation has been shown to be safe. Yankee candles, like Bath & Body Works candles, include non-sustainable paraffin wax.

What brand of candles are the most fragrant when burned?

It’s widely agreed that Bath & Body Works candles have the strongest and most intense scents. These scents also spread further, thanks to the candles having a very wide throw.

Is Victoria’s Secret owned by Bath & Body Works?

Both Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret are owned by L Brands. L Brands also owns Pink, under the Victoria’s Secret umbrella.

How big are Bath & Body Works single wick candles?

Bath & Body Works Single Wick candles are 7 oz (198 g) in weight. They are usually 2.75 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. They can be expected to burn for 25-45 hours.

Who makes Bath & Body Works candles?

Bath & Body Works candles are made in the US and Canada. Bath & Body Works will not provide further details about the manufacturer location, because it is important to keep the ingredients and manufacturing processes secret.

How do you put out a Bath & Body Works candle?

The best way to put out a Bath & Body Works candle is to gently put the lid back on the jar. You don’t need to screw the lid back on, but should make sure there are no gaps for air to find its way through. The candle will burn for a while longer, using up the remaining oxygen in the jar, then will stop burning once it has. Always stay with your candle until you are sure that it’s no longer burning.

Other safe ways to put out candles include blowing sharply on them, though this can blow melted wax around if you are not careful, and using a safe metal object (like the handle of a spoon) to dip the wicks into the pooling melted wax.

How can I make my candles last longer?

To make your candles last as long as possible, consider freezing them before you start burning them. Freezing your candle will make the wax harder, so it takes longer to burn.

Trim the wick before igniting it, so it’s always in good condition, as a burned wick can bend over and make a wider flame that melts your wax quicker than it should. Always make sure the wick is upright before you light it.

Once your candle has been extinguished and cooled, always take time to put the lid back on the jar.

Are soy blend candles safe?

Soy blend candles are clean-burning. Those sold in stores have been through rigorous testing to ensure that they’re safe for use at home. There are some concerns that fumes from burning candles contain some carcinogens, though you would need to inhale unachievably large amounts of these fumes to be exposed to significant risk.

What’s the difference between White Barn and Bath & Body Works?

White Barn candles are a range of candles sold by Bath & Body Works. The target market for White Barn candles includes homeowners that want consistent décor, with candles that perfectly complement the rest of their furnishings. White Barn candles are in neutral colors with a more sophisticated design. The scents used for White Barn products are more serious and more luxurious.

Most popular White Barn scents:

Bath & Body Works best candles?

If you’re new to Bath & Body Works and need a great first candle to try, or if you are a regular customer in search of the best Bath & Body Works candles, it’s wise to start with a candle that’s based around mint or vanilla scents. These are widely reviewed to be the most impressive, with the strongest and most intense scents and the widest throws.

These are some of the best scents that Bath and Body Works offer:

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Bath & Body Works candle sale

You can purchase Bath & Body Works candles at reduced prices at any time. Almost always, there are some deals available online or in store. Most of the time, candles on sale will be limited to just a few varieties.

Once a year, Candle Day provides the biggest deals and best savings. This event usually takes place in early December.

There is also a store-wide Bath & Body Works sale taking place twice a year. These sales are usually in June and December, lasting 2-3 weeks, with better prices for many Bath & Body Works candles.

Strongest smelling Bath & Body Works candles

The strongest smelling Bath & Body Works candles are typically those with vanilla, mint or woody scents. These include the very popular Eucalyptus Spearmint, which is widely considered to be the very best of Bath & Body Works candles. Another strong scent is Mahogany Teakwood, which is also available in a High Intensity variety.

Bath & Body Works candle scents list

There are always different Bath & Body Works candles on offer. New scents are released frequently. The best time to look for new Bath & Body Works scents is during the annual Candle Day, when the year’s best creations are usually launched for sale in stores and online.

It would be almost impossible to keep an up-to-date list of all Bath & Body Works candles, but that’s the beauty of being a fan of these products. Many customers love the excitement of trying the latest scents, and filling their homes with all different types of candles and aromas.

Some of the most enduring Bath & Body Works scents – those that are well-loved and have been around for a long time – include A Thousand Wishes, Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla, Eucalyptus Spearmint, Fresh Linen, Spiced Vanilla Cupcake and Tiki Beach.

If you’d like to quickly view the latest Bath & Body Works candle scents list, the best way is to use the filter function when searching for candles on the website. You can filter by fragrance name, which makes it very easy to see what’s available to buy at any specific time.

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