22 IKEA Billy Bookcase Hacks

The IKEA Billy Bookcase line just might be their most popular furniture product yet, and why shouldn’t it be when there are so many amazing uses for them?  The IKEA Billy bookcase line launched in 1979 and is one of IKEAs most popular pieces to date.

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There are countless hacks that you can use to make them unique, and transform them to fit your needs, whatever those might be.

Here are some amazing IKEA Billy bookcase hacks that you might like to try. 

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Daybed Reading Nook

We transformed this space with built ins using Ikea bookshelves. This daybed space is so versitile and provides so much storage.
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Have you always wanted a window seat to curl up and read in for hours? Well, now you can create one of your own using the IKEA Billy bookcases and have plenty of room for all of your books too. Check out this great Billy bookcase hack here

Billy Bookcase to Drawer Hack 

multi colored dresser drawers
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Maybe you have a Billy bookcase, but you don’t actually need a bookcase. What if what you really need is a unique set of drawers? Check out this clever hack for turning the IKEA Billy bookcase into a stylish set of drawers! 

Custom Billy Bookcase Hack

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Do you wish that your Billy bookcase reflected your style just a little better? Then why not try this super simple Billy bookcase hack to make your bookcases uniquely your own. 

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Shoe Lover’s Dream

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Do you have more shoes than space to store them in? Not to worry, you can use a couple of IKEA’s Billy bookcases to create a showstopping display for all of your shoes. 

Playroom Built-ins

An easy to follow step-by-step tutorial showing how to build bookcase built-ins using IKEA Billy bookcases. #IKEAhack #homeimprovement #build #playroom
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Could your playroom or family room use a little help when it comes to toy and book storage? Then you might enjoy this playroom built-in Billy bookshelf hack that will give your kids plenty of room to put their toys away. 

DIY Closet

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Could your home use another closet or two? Not to worry, you can use the Billy bookcases to build and design your own closet space, in any room that you need one. 

Billy Bookcase Homeschool Hack

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Are you a homeschooling family, or would you like to be but think you don’t have the space for a homeschool classroom in your home? You’ll have plenty of learning space if you use this IKEA Billy bookcase homeschool hack

IKEA Billy Bookcase Dollhouse

Dollhouse Bookcases P1060242
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Would your child love a dollhouse that can double as a bookshelf in their bedroom or playroom? Well, you can easily make one for them with this Billy bookcase dollhouse hack

Stylishly Simple

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Don’t be afraid to make the Billy bookcase fit your needs and space. Here you can see where doors, and nice pulls with trim added to the top makes it look like a high end and very functional piece. 

Billy Built-In Entertainment Center

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Transform your living room with an IKEA Billy bookcase entertainment center. You can give your living room a stylish refresh with this Billy bookcase hack. 

Library Wall 

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With a few sets of Ikea’s Billy bookcases and a little bit of time, you can build an amazing library wall for your living room, family room, or bedroom. This library wall is the perfect place to store your books and knick knacks in any room. 

Playroom Project

billy bookcases and play table
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Is it time to give your playroom a facelift? If so, you might like how the Ikea Billy bookcases were used in this room. Lots of colorful space for toys, and storage for all of your kiddo’s things. 

Billy Bookcase Castle 

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What little princess doesn’t dream of sleeping in their very own castle? With this IKEA Billy bookcase hack, you can build a castle to sleep in right in her room! 

Floating Billy Bookcases

floating bookshelves IKEA Billy
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Do you want bookcases on the wall but not on the floor? Then this floating Billy bookcase is the perfect hack for you. Having these bookcases up off the floor keeps you from losing floor space and makes it easy to clean up under them. 

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Arched Bookcase

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Maybe you don’t want your bookcases to be nothing but straight lines, and if that’s the case then you might like this arched bookcase hack. Here you can learn how to simply create arches for the top of your Billy bookcases. 

Office Bookcase Refresh

ikea besta billy bookcase combo
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Could your home office use a bit of a refresh, and maybe some more storage space and lighting? Then you might enjoy this IKEA Billy bookcase and Ikea Besta combination piece

Billy Bookcase Bar

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Have you always wanted to have your very own bar station set up in your home, or maybe in your finished basement? Well, now you can use your Billy bookcases to create your own personal bar

Billy Bookcase Curio Cabinet

BILLY bookcases with GRYTNÄS glass doors | IKEA Hackers
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Do you wish that your Billy bookcases had glass cabinet doors to display all of your beautiful knick knacks and treasures? Well, wish no longer because this hack will show you exactly how to make your dreams come true! 

Shiplap Billy Bookcase

IKEA Billy bookcase hack with shiplap and painted navy blue in an office
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Do you like to decorate your home with shiplap? Then you might enjoy this IKEA Billy bookcase hack that uses shiplap, paint, and some nice drawer pulls to make it really stand out. 

Baby Crib with Billy Bookcase Hack

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Is your nursery on the small side? You can design a crib with a Billy Bookcase on the end to help maximize your space. A safe place for your baby to sleep, with the additional storage you need for all of your baby’s gear. 

Billy Bookcase Pantry

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Could your kitchen use a little extra pantry space, or maybe even just a little more storage space? Then you can use this Billy bookcase pantry hack in your home! 

Billy Bookcase Bar Table

Ikea Billy Bookcase Hack
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Would you like a small space to sit and sip on a drink after work, or maybe have a place to make a drink out on the patio? Then this Billy bookcase bar table hack is just for you! 


Now that you have seen all of these creative IKEA Billy bookcase hacks, how are you going to use them to transform your home? Which of these creative hacks are you going to be trying to recreate first? 

IKEA Billy Bookcase Hacks

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