Top 7 Etsy Farmhouse Tables

What makes a great farmhouse table?

If you want your dining space to be rustic and charming, you’ll need a beautiful farmhouse table for the family to sit around at mealtimes.

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Farmhouse tables aren’t the most extravagant or fancy-looking pieces of furniture, but what they lack in glitz and glamour they make up in warmth and beauty. They create an environment that’s homely and welcoming when everyone gets together.

The great thing about a farmhouse table is that it’s so incredibly versatile. Farmhouse tables can look a little rough, and that simply adds to the charm, or they can made with the utmost care so they absolutely glow with perfection.

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Farmhouse tables are sturdy and strong, designed to cope with family life. They use plenty of wood, lots of natural shades, and perhaps a bit of paint to add some color. When everyone’s around for a family meal, there’s plenty of space to tuck in.

Perhaps one of the best things about a farmhouse table is that the slightly rough look is what you’re going for. It doesn’t matter if the chairs don’t match the table or if an elderly relative has knitted some placemats that aren’t quite store-ready quality. When everything’s put together, a farmhouse table just looks like it was made for your home.

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Top Farmhouse Tables on Etsy

Etsy is a great place to find a farmhouse table from your home. From upcycled furniture to brand new creations, there are so many tables to choose from!

Live Edge Wood Epoxy Table by LavishMeDesigns

Are you looking for a table with extra character and color? Epoxy resin can be added to furniture to give it an extra burst of energy. The Live Edge Wood Epoxy Table shows how smart epoxy resin can look. This is a really eye-catching piece of furniture.

Creator LavishMeDesigns can custom-make a table with epoxy resin in any color. Then, you can use that color to make the rest of the room come alive. A few cushions and a picture or two will bring the whole aesthetic together.

Walnut Dining Table by LoewenDesignStudios

Walnut makes for an attractive dining table, with rich red shades and deep browns. This Walnut Dining Table has space for 10 people, so you can host a family meal or invite your guests over for the evening.

Creator LoewenDesignStudios uses natural oils to make the wood more vibrant and bold. The oil will also increase this table’s lifespan, so loved ones can get together year after year for their favorite meals and great conversations. The table legs are made with black steel, making this table even more sturdy and preparing it for family life.

Extendable Farmhouse Dining Table

If you want to save space, but would like a farmhouse table that’s big enough for family gatherings, then you might like the Extendable Farmhouse Dining Table by RusticSoulWoodworks. At its smallest it seats six, but when the grandparents visit you can stretch out the table to give everyone more room to sit around. Used with benches or separate dining chairs, it’s a great choice for a growing family.

The Extendable Farmhouse Dining Table is beautifully simple and flexible. Fitting into a wide range of spaces, it can be used in all different types of dining settings.

SilasWoodworks Farmhouse Table

The SilasWoodworks Farmhouse Table is a work of art, complete with authentic trestle legs and mortise and tenon joints. Understandably this table is extremely heavy, but that’s because it’s made of sturdy wood and is designed to be used for generations. Each table is custom-made, so you can choose from a variety of different woods and finishes. Would you prefer rich Red Mahogany, the light yellow of Fruitwood or the pale and golden Pickled Oak?

Due to the way these tables are made, they can be easily assembled and taken apart. If you need to move house, your table can be easily moved to the back of the moving truck.

Trestle Rustic Style Farmhouse Table

Created by VBScustomFurniture, the Trestle Rustic Style Farmhouse Table can be custom-made to your requirements. Choose the wood and finish, so you’ll have a table that fits perfectly into your home. The table can be made with hinged joints at the end, so it can be easily extended. It’s perfect for quick breakfasts, evening meals, family gatherings and dinner parties.

Though all tables are made with high quality woods, the finishes available will give you an extensive choice of colors. Choose from all different shades of brown, or choose almost-white Pearl or the almost-black shades of Midnight.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Made using reclaimed wood, these solid tables come with a matching bench and can be made in a variety of sizes. The Reclaimed Wood Dining Table, crafted by Gaslampdecor, is a sturdy yet simple creation.

Though this table doesn’t have the authentic trestle joints, or much to make it stand out, it’s a chosen favorite because it looks so natural. Rather than being made of perfect pieces of wood, this reclaimed wood table brings some of the wild and natural back into your home.

Walnut Corner Dining Table

A LoewenDesignStudios creation, the Walnut Corner Dining Table is a perfect option for a smaller family looking to save space. The table fits into the corner of the room, with the L-shaped bench providing seating around it.

Sturdy black steel legs, and high quality walnut, make a table that’s designed to cope with family life. It’ll stand up to all the bowls of cereal your kids will ever throw at it.

What else can you add to your farmhouse table?

As well as being the perfect place to buy a handcrafted farmhouse table, Etsy’s the best place for handmade accessories to complete the overall look.

A pretty table runner is a great addition to any long farmhouse table. You could also add some handcrafted placemats and coasters. All these fabric accessories can be added and removed, changed as often as you’d like, so you can adapt to the seasons and bring your dining space to life.

You might also like to add a fruit bowl, some candles or a vase of flowers as the perfect finishing touch for that real homely feel.

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