Best Voluspa Candle Scents

Looking for a new luxury candle to try? Voluspa Candles are certainly worth a try. They’re a contemporary candle brand manufactured in California in the US, with a diverse selection of fragrances to choose from.

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It’s not just the candle, but the container too – each candle you buy is a charming accessory which will look as good as it smells when you add it to your home. Choose from either ornate glass or colorful patterned tins – both options are beautiful.

Here are some of the best Voluspa candle scents for you to enjoy.

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Most popular Voluspa glass candles

These stunning candles are all presented in an ornate glass vessel with patterned lid. The embossed effect on the glass harks back to Japanese floral prints, making the jar almost as desirable as the candle itself. You’ll surely find a use for it in your home once the candle is gone.

Baltic Amber

The Baltic Amber candle is extremely popular, with a delicate fragrance that combines amber with the deep wood aromas of sandalwood and cedar. It’s rounded off with vanilla orchid to just carry a touch of sweetness too.

It’s sometimes considered the flagship fragrance for the brand. It’s certainly one that will work wonderfully in any room in your home.

French Cade Lavender

This opulent choice is a little lighter than Baltic Amber, with gentle notes of French Cade wood, verbena and a slightly sweet kick from Bulgarian lavender.

This is a very delicate fragrance, ideal if you have a smaller bathroom and want to soak in the tub without an overpowering scent, or you want a candle to complement a brighter, more airy room. That doesn’t mean the scent is weak – it’s got plenty of definition, it just doesn’t hit you too strong.

Goji Tarocco

The Goji berry is considered a superfood, and this deep red candle may not give you the nutritional benefit of snacking on the berries, it will certainly improve your health and mood with its rich aromas. Notes of Tarocco orange and ripe mango compliment the blend beautifully, delivering a fragrance that is complex and refreshing.

Spiced Pumpkin Latte

Buying a spiced pumpkin latte from your favorite coffee shop is the perfect indicator that winter is on the horizon and that autumnal chills will soon make way for the happiness of the holidays. 

This candle captures that feeling perfectly, with notes of Kaobcha pumpkin and cinnamon-spiced brulee, delicately sweetened with the sugary kick of vanilla marshmallow and coconut cream. An absolute treasure of a fragrance that will warm your very soul.

Yashioka Gardenia

Gardenia has become an extremely popular choice in scented candles. The slightly spicy kick and green undertones offer a delightful freshness, and with this candle blending that natural aroma with the notes of tuberose and Tunisian clove, you get a really punchy fragrance combination that still gently weaves through the air, rather than hammering your senses.

White Cypress

The White Cypress candle is another floral scent that helps bring a cool and gentle zen into your home. This candle blends the delicate flower with juniper berry, evergreen wood and just a hint of refreshing mint for a combined aroma that can either perk you up at the start of a drowsy day, or help soothe away the tensions at the end of a long one.

Moso Bamboo

The deep black of this impressive candle is perfectly matched with the intricate gold design of the packaging – this candle truly takes the glass jar look and creates a piece of luxury art. The fragrance is as rich as the candle wax’s color – notes of Moso bamboo are blended with Japanese Cypress and Black Musk, creating a powerful aroma that doesn’t sit too thick on the air.

Santal Vanille

Crisp and clean, this delightful candle is a simple but perfect blend of Santal and French Bourbon Vanilla, for low notes that will fill your senses and rejuvenate you, along with a delicate sweet high that will fill the room with a pleasant and light atmosphere.


The fragrance released by this magnificent candle is exceptionally elegant and almost fragile – the notes of Mokara orchid are blended with white lily and spring moss that will spread throughout your room but in a way that won’t ever overpower you. It creates a wonderful, relaxing ambiance where you’ll be at total peace. 

Santiago Huckleberry

Looking for a little more kick from your candle? This Santiago Huckleberry choice is a lot of fun, fruity and it packs a serious scent. The ripe huckleberry is sweetened further with crushed sugar cane, with an added layer of vanilla to help balance the fragrance. Again, it’s carefully designed so that you don’t find it sickly, yet it will give the room a rich but mellow aroma.

Highest rated Voluspa tin candles

Tin candles are the ideal gift. They’ve got a lower profile, but the decorative patterns and pastel colors still make them a wonderful accessory that pairs beautifully with some contemporary home furnishings.

Casa Pacifica

Bring a touch of the sea breeze into your home with this wonderfully refreshing and crisp candle. It has notes of California driftwood, shore brush and that soothing sea salt aroma. Light this candle and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the beach, with the world still and the waters gently lapping the shore. It’s also a great candle for just adding an invigorating aroma to the room.

Bourbon Vanille

This candle doesn’t need to worry about a complex blend of notes. Instead it is simplicity defined – just the sweet, gentle fragrance of French bourbon vanilla beans. It’s ideal as a candle to bring memories of family baking back into your kitchen, or use it in your bedroom if you want to fill the room with a comforting aroma that will later have you drifting off with a sense of total harmony. 

Peruvian Lime Jardin

This perky little candle has a bit of a fruity punch to its aroma, without being too sharp or acidic. The Peruvian lime is juicy and sweet, gently balanced against ripe grapefruit and shiso leaf. The overall blend is invigorating and energising, but it works just as well as a way of brightening your day if you’ve just suffered through miserable weather.

Makassar Ebony & Peach

Some of the best candle scents you can buy are those which blend two opposites, creating a fragrance that is layered and complex. This candle does that job perfectly, with the depth of solid black ebony wood matched beautifully to ripe peaches. Add in a hint of apple blossom, and you’ve a candle that’ll take your senses on a journey, and leave you feeling completely relaxed when it’s done.

Sparkling Rose

Whether you’re in the mood to celebrate or you just need a little bright and fun pick-me-up after a tough day, this candle is sure to put a smile on your face. It’s not a complex blend – this is just the finest sparkling wine mixed with a little hint of rose petals. You’ll feel the aroma fizzing around the room, almost as if it’s creating those sparkling bubbles that, with each pop, help to soothe away the day’s tensions.

Coconut Papaya

Rich and warm, this charming candle smells of the freshest of coconuts, gently blended with mango blossom and papaya. The result is a scent that is light and rejuvenating, but also with a hint of a delicious cocktail that alludes to that dream of being laid back, feet up, watching the sunset while being bathed in a warm glow.

Blond Tabac

Soothe your mind and your soul with this cozy candle, a careful mix of warm perique tabac, sandalwood and a gently sweet vanilla husk. This candle works in any room, filling the space with an opulent aroma that is sophisticated and decadent. It’s the ultimate soothing scent for a hot bath too.

Crushed Candy Cane

Get yourself into the festive spirit with this cute and colorful two-wick candle. Experience powerful memories of Christmases gone by with the crisp peppermint smell that is gently laced with a smooth, buttery aroma of freshly baked cookies. You’ll love reminiscing over your favorite festive experiences, or just use the candle to set the tone as the winter nights draw in.

Japanese Plum Bloom

The beautiful, ornate tin that this candle is presented in only hints at the deep, rich aromas that will be released once lit. Notes of plum bloom, plum fruit and crushed currants ensure a pleasant, naturally-saccharine fragrance will lift the energy in the room, and transport you to a sumptuous Japanese orchard.

Do Voluspa candles smell good?

Voluspa candles have a potent scent that doesn’t diminish as the candle burns. The fragrances are great – there’s a wide variety, so if you aren’t sure on one then try another. Some are muskier and richer, while others are lighter and more delicate.

They’re really popular, with customer reviews often talking about how good they smell, and how they have an excellent throw – which means they fill a larger area around them with fragrance.

What does Voluspa Baltic Amber smell like?

The Baltic Amber candle is one of the most popular you can enjoy from Voluspa. It is a gentle blend of amber resin, sandalwood, cedar and vanilla, so it’ll smell like a warm forest with just a sweet scent on the breeze.

Seen any Voluspa candles that take your fancy? They really are wonderful options for adding a lovely fragrance to your home. Keep checking the Voluspa website too, as there are new scents being released on a regular basis, especially during the holiday season.

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