Quirky Housewarming Gifts

If someone you know is moving somewhere new, we’d consider that a reason to celebrate! Giving a housewarming gift is a great way to show that you care.

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Choosing the right housewarming gift can be difficult. There are some obvious choices, but do you really want to be that predictable? What if everyone buys the same things?

You’ll want to choose a housewarming gift that leaves a lasting impression. Many people will turn up with a glass of wine, some flowers or a cutlery set. Those can be lovely gifts when someone moves house, but not if they get several very similar items in a row!

Quirky housewarming gifts can be practical but fun, unusual, unique or creative. They stand out from the crowd. They’re something a little bit different, amongst a pile of new towels and saucepans.

What is a nice inexpensive housewarming gift?

‘Quirky’ doesn’t have a budget. An enormous carved wooden giraffe in a top hat would certainly be a quirky housewarming gift, but would probably be incredibly expensive and might not fit with the chosen décor.

It’s important to remember that quirky gifts don’t have to be novelty items, nor do they have to be items that are politely described as being for an ‘acquired taste’. They don’t need to drain your bank balance, so that buying a gift for someone else’s new house leaves you at risk of losing your own! Some of the best housewarming gifts are relatively inexpensive:

  • A novelty personalized door mat makes a great housewarming gift, whilst being affordable even if your budget is low.
  • Cactus candles are more interesting and memorable than other candles, but no more expensive.
  • A fun daily planner to hang on the wall is practical, thoughtful and more interesting than a floral cushion.
  • The Book of Home How-To is a useful guide to the many problems that homeowners can face, and how they can be solved. This is a gift that will be funny at first, but will surely be useful in future.

What is a unique housewarming gift?

It can be hard to find a unique housewarming gift. If something’s genuinely nice then it’s probably already popular. If you see something that you know they won’t already have, you’ll need to ask yourself if there’s a good reason that they’ve not already purchased it.

Unique gifts don’t have to be so strange that nobody would want them in their house. Often the best way to find unique gifts is by finding small independent sellers. Many people make beautiful handcrafted items that you won’t find in big stores, like custom artwork to hang on the wall or an unusual gnome to watch over the house from a bookshelf.

A fireproof document box is something that they might not think of but be very grateful to have.

Funny housewarming gifts

If you know someone well, you might have an idea about the things they’re likely to find funny. Knowing someone’s sense of humor can give you more gifts to choose from.

Funny housewarming gifts are a bit of a risk if you don’t know somebody too well. What’s funny to one person could offend somebody else.

Make sure that you know how a gift will be received before you buy something too humorous. A novelty bathroom guest book, for example, isn’t something to give to your new next door neighbor. However, it could be the perfect gift for a sibling.

Humor can be tricky. Don’t go down this route unless you’re sure that you know what the recipient will like.

Quirky housewarming gift ideas

Quirky gifts are unusual. They can be interesting and might attract attention.

A quirky housewarming gift might be something that people wouldn’t expect, but it should still be something that they’ll want, need or use. Don’t use the ‘quirky’ label as an excuse to buy something completely ridiculous, or to buy an odd antique that nobody would want in their home.

It’s particularly good to get a quirky housewarming gift if someone’s lived on their own already. The tradition of giving a housewarming gift originally developed to help people set up their new homes, with everything they’d need for life away from their parents. Today, many people live alone at college and have already been independent for years before they buy their own home. Simply put, they already have things like crockery, cutlery and tea towels and they don’t need any more.

How about these quirky housewarming gifts, for someone that’s moving somewhere new?

Colorful Kitchen Knife Set

Even if someone already has a set of kitchen knives, they’re probably nowhere near as eye-catching as a Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set. We love these because they brighten up the kitchen and bring some fun to the cooking experience, but if the recipient’s chosen to have a plain and simple kitchen then these knives can be hidden away in a cupboard or drawer. They’ll raise a smile when it’s time to slice potatoes, but won’t negatively impact someone’s existing décor.

Door Plaque

Most house number door plaques aren’t particularly interesting, though they’re an important feature and can influence someone’s first impression. A good housewarming gift that others might not have thought of could be a Metal Number Plaque. Choose a stylish plaque that includes their house number and road name, so visitors will always know that they’re in the right place.

Wildflower Seed Bomb

A Wildflower Seed Bomb is a fun and quirky way to quickly improve an outdoor space. Simply throw down the seed bomb, then wait and watch as colorful plants grow in its place. Seed bombs are more interesting than labelled packets of seeds. They have the element of surprise! Help someone add color to the outside space that surrounds their beautiful new home.

Blanket with Sleeves

If someone’s just moved house, they’re going to really enjoy those cozy nights by the TV. A blanket with sleeves is a thoughtful gift that’s sure to raise a smile. The great thing about this gift is that it can be easily stored when not in use, so it doesn’t really matter if the color you’ve chosen doesn’t fit with the rest of the décor.

Novelty Recipe Book

Help someone make use of their new kitchen, with a recipe book that’s full of ideas and great meals. There are lots of interesting recipe books, from books like The Boozy Baker. How about Tequila Mockingbird (for cocktail ideas), or The Nacho Manifesto? Again, if you know someone well, you can have a little fun. You Suck at Cooking might not be a great gift for the guy you sit next to at work, but could be well received by a sibling or your best friend.

A recipe book is a practical gift. If you choose a quirky book then it’s unlikely that they’ll already have it, so you’ll have chosen a housewarming gift that’s definitely unique and thoughtful.

How much should you spend on a housewarming gift?

A housewarming gift doesn’t need to be expensive. It’s a good idea to spend about $20, unless you know the person very well and would like to spend more. 

You might spend more on a housewarming gift for a sibling, best friend or close relative.

The great thing about a quirky housewarming gift is that the budget becomes less important. You can’t always find a good bouquet of flowers for less than $20, and a small value gift card might seem a bit cheap, but it’s harder to guess the value of a funny bathroom guest book or a set of novelty candles. You don’t need to spend a lot to find a genuinely interesting gift.

Do you bring a gift to a housewarming?

If you’ve been invited to a housewarming party, it’s a good idea to bring a gift.

Even if you’re told that a gift is not required, it’s best not to show up empty-handed. In this case, you’ll need to be more careful about the type of gift you bring. If someone tells you that they’re not expecting gifts and that you don’t need to bring one, that might suggest that their house is already furnished exactly how they like it. Great gifts for occasions like these might be things they can tuck away, rather than something that needs to be on display.

If this is someone’s first time away from home, why not make your own hamper of essentials? You can add practical items like bathroom tissue, pasta and laundry detergent, then label it the ‘New Home Starter Kit’. Or, buy first aid supplies and label them ‘DIY Prep Kit’. Genuinely useful gifts are great, because nobody’s left with items they won’t use, but make them more interesting by adding fun labels or presenting them in interesting ways. Showing up with a bag of pasta doesn’t look great on its own!

When should you give a housewarming gift?

Some people move a lot. Giving gifts could get expensive if you bought housewarming gifts every time someone sent their new address. If you have a lot of friends, you’ve probably noticed that there’s always someone planning to move house!

Ask yourself a few qualifying questions:

  • Is this someone’s first time living away from their parents?

If someone’s moving out of their parent’s house, they’ll be excited about their independence. This is a great time to give a housewarming gift, and you might even want to give something more practical if they haven’t lived alone before.

  • Is this someone’s first purchased house?

Many people rent for a long time, then save up to buy their own house. Moving from one rental property straight to another might not be a reason to celebrate, but if someone’s just managed to buy their own home then a housewarming gift is more appropriate.

  • Have you been invited to a party?

If someone’s hosting a housewarming party, then it’s probably a clear sign that this move is a big deal. They’re inviting you into their home, and they’re likely to cater for the occasion with a few refreshments to choose from. If someone’s going to that effort, and paying for some food, it’s polite to give a gift in exchange.

  • Are there better alternatives?

If you’re not sure about a housewarming gift, and you haven’t been invited to a party, then why not send a card through the mail if you’ve heard that someone’s moved house? A housewarming gift might not be needed, but a card shows someone that you’re thinking of them and want to celebrate their latest move.


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