19 Extra Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Christmas is incredible – for many it’s the favorite holiday of the whole year. And so the last thing you want to do is let the season pass you by with a whimper.

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Oh no – instead, you want to make sure you get the decorations that really show off your festive spirit, and that’s where these amazing extra large outdoor Christmas decorations come into play. 

Finding large Christmas decorations to use outside your home is easy, but finding good quality ones is less simple. Stores are flooded with inflatables that are as cheap as they look.

Instead, we’ve compiled a list of slightly more stylish decorations that are still big, but won’t have your home looking like Christmas has thrown up all over it. Instead, these are perfect for decorating your home and garden in a charming way, that’s still fun for kids and will make sure Santa has no trouble finding your home on Christmas night!

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Artificial Christmas Tree

Think of Christmas decorations and you’ll immediately think of a Christmas tree. This versatile slim artificial tree stands at six feet tall and has over 300 LEDs installed. It’s IP44 rated which means it’s waterproof and safe to use indoors and outdoors, and you can change the LED settings including colors and patterns depending on your preference. It’s easy to assemble too, being a pop-up tree that will be ready to go in just two minutes.

Light-up Reindeer

Light-up animals have become a lot more popular in Christmas gardens and yards over the last few years, and the reindeer is a classic example. This particular reindeer is really well made, with intricate antlers that help it stand out and look almost regal. It’s 35 inches tall, so will be clearly visible from the street, while the natural dark brown wood helps to keep the decoration looking a little more sophisticated.

Christmas Projector Lights

The actual size of this decoration itself is tiny, but it’s the effect that it creates that is certainly extra large. Use this light projector to beam falling snowflakes onto your home from up to 35 feet, creative a surface area of up to 172 square feet – that’s a huge decoration. The snowflakes gently fall and twinkle, while the projector itself is suitable for prolonged outdoor use and can even work well in extreme temperatures.

Artificial Christmas Wreath

If you’re able to make your own wreath for your front door, or find a natural option close to you, then they will always look a little better, but this artificial wreath is still a beautiful option for bringing a little festive décor to the entrance of your home. It’s 24 inches wide, which isn’t excessively large but will make sure it still looks impressive, and it’s got built-in white lights to help it sparkle.

Outdoor Lighted Nativity

Whether you’re religious yourself and want to celebrate the birth of Christ, or you just love what the Nativity represents and how it is woven into the festive season, this light-up scene is impressive. It’s 71 inches by 63 inches, so it certainly qualifies for the extra-large definition, and the lights create a beautiful display that will look amazing against the night sky.

Best from Wayfair

Ski wall accent

This attractive set of wooden skis with ski poles is a beautiful way to decorate your porch or any outdoor storage hut you might own. It’s not a full-size set of skis and at 17 inches tall may be pushing the boundaries of extra-large just a little bit, but it’s big enough to easily stand out when hung on natural wood and it’s such an attractive, homely accessory that it is definitely worth including.

Snowman Figurine

A snowman on the lawn is always a wonderful sight, and now you can enjoy one whether it snows or not. This is a really charming snowman that’s made from a durable polyresin, but it looks wooden. It’s four feet tall and built to withstand the elements, so place him central on your lawn or on your porch to greet visitors and he’ll look great. He’s got color-changing LEDs too, incorporated in his mini Christmas tree, which run on solar power for ease.


This is a charming handcrafted metal sleigh that has a rustic worn effect – just as if it’s been used for delivering presents on Christmas Eve. This is a great decoration to combine with other accessories – fill it with fake gifts or perhaps some foliage and it’ll look absolutely stunning outside the front of your home.

Best large ornaments for tree

Valery Madelyn Ornaments

These beautiful hanging ornaments are sophisticated and very pretty. They’re oversized, with each one measuring just under 6 inches in diameter, so they’re great for decorating an outdoor tree in your garden. You get four in a pack, so you might want to order a few boxes to fill the tree, and they’re shatterproof, so you shouldn’t need to worry if the wind blows one down (though it’s best to tie it nice and tight when used outdoors).

Meteor Shower Lights

Another great option if you’ve got an existing tree in your garden, or if you just want to light up the outside entrance of your home. These waterproof meteor lights each measure a foot long, so they’re pretty big, and they provide an attractive twinkling design. They’re IP65 rated so safe to use outdoors, and they come in a warm white which adds a gentle yellow glow to your chosen spot, although other colors are available.

Star String Lights

A simple way of creating the effect of a Christmas tree without needing the tree itself, these string lights are designed to be hung from the central star at the top. When you hang them against your home, shed or an actual tree, they create the climbing effect of an evergreen. They stand at 10 feet tall, so make sure you’ve got a safe high point to anchor the star to.

Best lighted

Lighted gift display

The sight of a perfectly wrapped gift is enough to get anyone excited about Christmas, and this three-gift set certainly looks the part with its white and silver wrapping. They’re made from metal and acrylic, with each gift standing at 10 inches tall – certainly big enough to create a pleasant scene on your porch. They’re lighted, so will sparkle in the night, with the white design really standing out against the darkness.

Frosty lighted display

If you like the idea of a lighted tree but want to break with the traditional evergreen, this fake tree stands at 46 inches and will gently twinkle, with each branch illuminated by a small snowflake light. It’s easy to plant into the ground (or a pot, if you’re working with hard surfaces) and the cool white lights are striking when night arrives.

Snowman family with lights

This is a cute snowman family made in a rustic style, each of which are attached to a wooden stand. The tallest of the snowmen is a decent 19 inches, and the decoration is completely battery operated. The lights at the bottom help to light up the three cheery figures as the natural light gets low, making this a really fun way of brightening up the porch or garden area.

Best fiber optic LED

Starburst Fairy Lights

Fiber optic lights are really popular because of the fun colors and that charming glow that each strand emits. These fairy lights are therefore a great way of decorating your home or a tree standing in your garden or yard. They’re suitable for outdoor use and one chain measures 33 feet, though you can attach up to five of them together if you have a bigger display in mind.

Fiber Optic Curtain Light Kit

Want fiber optic lights that are a little bigger? These curtain lights could be draped from a tree’s branches or around your porch area, and each 9.8 foot strand could hang all the way to the ground. The lights themselves are safe to be used in wet weather, as long as the power supply is kept dry, and there are many different colors you can choose from.

Best affordable

Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights

If you’re on a budget, then sometimes the classic simple ideas work best – and these waterproof fairy lights are great value considering you get a two pack with each offering 33 feet of LEDs. They’re solar powered too – just stake the panel into the ground and it’ll stay powered throughout the winter, recharging during the day.

Merry Christmas Doormat

While not the largest item on this list by far, and also one of the most discreet (since it won’t be visible to anyone passing by, only to you and your guests), this is still a good-sized welcome mat that is classy and simple, but just greets people in a friendly festive way. Add a couple of small accessories around it and you’ve got a charming little scene ready to welcome you home.

White Tinsel

When is tinsel considered an extra-large decoration? When you have 50 feet of it to make use of. This bright white tinsel will need to be carefully secured if you plan to use it outdoors, but it’ll look great wrapped around an outdoor tree or your porch.

Seen any that catch your eye? Well, most of them will due to their size, but there’s hopefully something to everyone’s taste on this list as well. Remember that your Christmas decorations need to have a little of your personality in them, so find a style that works for you – and then use some of these decorations to make sure that you really show off.

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