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A good desk chair is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home – and that was true even before the developments in the last couple of years which have seen more and more people working from their own home instead of commuting to an office.

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For many people, the desk chair will be something you use for hours a day. Buying a cheap one could therefore really damage your posture or cause you a lot of pain. Even if you aren’t actually damaging yourself, if you get one that isn’t comfortable then you’re never going to be as productive.

Wayfair is, of course, a haven of home furnishings and so it has a wealth of desk chairs that you can choose from. To save you from trawling through pages upon pages of very similar-looking desk chairs, here are some of the best options to suit any task.

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Best ergonomic desk chairs on Wayfair

Ergonomic desk chairs are designed to perfectly mirror good posture. They promote a better way of sitting, making sure that you’ll stay comfortable, and that your spine will be properly looked after even if you’re working for hours on end with few breaks (although you should be taking those regular screen breaks!)

These ergonomic chairs from Wayfair are therefore a good option if you plan on working from home and need something that you know will keep your back healthy.

Ergonomic Polyurethane Task Chair

Many of the best ergonomic desk chairs look quite simple, but they’re actually very cleverly designed. This chair’s a perfect example, with a solid bar providing just the right curve for supporting your back properly as you work, hidden by generous padding that makes it comfortable for long-term use.

The armrests can be flipped up when you’re not using them, which makes it a lot easier to store the chair under your desk when you aren’t working. And you can get it in all-black or with a sleek white trim and base if your furniture is a little lighter.

Ergonomic Task Chair

Similar to the previous chair, this model has a relatively simply design and is available either in all-black or with the white trim, although both have the metallic base on this model. It has an extra head cushion too, providing extra support for your neck, along with a very heavily cushioned base that is very comfortable to sit on.

Where this chair has the major advantage over the one above is in the height-adjustable armrests, meaning you can set them at the best height to support your arms instead of sticking between one default or flipped up.

Racing Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs shouldn’t be discounted when you’re looking for an ergonomic option for your home office. Yes, some gaming chairs can look a little garish and are clearly aimed at the teenage market, but there are some that still look stylish. The black and gray options for this chair would suit any office, with adjustable padded armrests and a PU leather material that’s durable and comfortable.

This chair can be tilted to rock to 110 degrees and, it’s important to note, is rated for use on hardwood, carpets, tiles and linoleum – many chairs are only suited to carpets, so this is an advantage if your office flooring isn’t padded.

Abigail Home Office Task Chair

The colorful, breathable mesh of this ergonomic chair combines much of what makes the above chairs the best. It’s solid and supportive without losing the comfort, it has a headrest for neck support along with height adjustable armrests, and castor wheels that can be used on hard flooring as well as carpets.

Because of the mesh material used, this chair will also stay cool over longer periods of time, and it’s rated for up to 300lb, while many other ergonomic chairs are suited only to a maximum of 250lb.

Best task chair on Wayfair

Task chairs are similar to ergonomic chairs, and sometimes the terms are used interchangeably. A task chair is basically a chair designed to promote good posture, keep you focussed on your work and have adjustable features to make sure it’s perfectly set for your desk. They shouldn’t be too flashy, but instead should just make it easy and comfortable to get on with the jobs of the day.

Elkland Mesh Task Chair

Simple, stylish and functional, this task chair is comfortable and supportive as you get through the jobs of the day. It has a hard-plastic back which will help keep your back in a suitable position, with a mesh design that makes it breathable so you won’t get too hot.

The cushion is nicely padded and the wheels are suited to hard and carpeted flooring. The chair looks modern in its default gray and white color, but if you want something bolder there are a variety of options available.

Kelly Clarkson Home Louise Task Chair

Add a touch of luxury to your home with this sumptuously padded task chair from the Kelly Clarkson Home range. The contemporary wingback design is complemented wonderfully by the velvet upholstery which is extremely pleasant to sit in.

It’s available in darker shades if you want something that’ll blend in more, or attractive colors (either vibrant or muted, depending on your choice) if you want the chair to be more of a focal point of your working space.

Dalton Ergonomic Task Chair

This is an attractive chair option with a subtle, muted color cushion and breathable ergonomic mesh supports. The chair is fully adjustable including seat depth, armrests and back angles, with five locking positions to get you the best comfort you could need for those long working days.

The cushion isn’t just attractive in its various shades, but it’s made from a deep molded foam that will provide you with the right amount of support, and it’s a good size too so you won’t feel like you’re only just perched on it, or wedged between the armrests.

Bret Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair

Often, the choice for a chair is between whether it’s functional or stylish. This chair manages to turn a functional feature into a style one, with the breathable mesh back looking very contemporary thanks to the curved design. It looks great and it’ll keep you cool for hours.

The padded sea has a subtle but attractive stripe pattern too. The only major downside to this chair is that the armrests are fixed at that height – while the chair itself can be adjusted, the armrests are where they are, although they are padded with a gentle curve to aid support.

Best according to Reddit

Reddit is a great place to get advice on office and desk chairs. It’s a social media platform that has tailored threads to certain conversations, and so you don’t need to wade through pages upon pages of posts to find what you want to know.

When it comes to desk chairs, most Redditors prefer to make recommendations for name brands not available on Wayfair, including Steelcase or Herman Miller. However, you will still find some Wayfair recommendations amongst those.

Allsteel Lyric Ergonomic Task Chair

This chair doesn’t look particularly special at first glance, but it’s made from premium materials to a high-quality design that makes it a reliable and solid task chair that is modern yet understated – the perfect addition to a more minimalist room and one that will prove to be exceptionally comfortable for the user.

Height- and width-adjustable armrests, a breathable mesh back and a deep cushioned seat are all included, with every angle of the rests and tilt mechanisms carefully planned to provide the best protection against back pain over time. It’s no wonder this is one of the few Wayfair options that does get a solid recommendation on Reddit.

Stacking Side Chair

This one’s an interesting one, because it came from a post on Reddit where someone was asking specifically for a desk chair that didn’t look like a desk chair, but instead something comfortable and that could be dragged over to the main seating area for guests without looking out of place.

One of the recommendations was this set of two side chairs. These versatile chairs have a plaid design and a solid wood frame that can comfortable hold up to 250lb. The design is simple but modern, making them a really solid option if you want a chair that doesn’t have all the ergonomic features of your typical desk chair but instead fits into the décor in a living room.

Best comfy Wayfair desk chairs

Sometimes, the most important thing is just finding a chair that is comfortable. Often comfortable chairs are those that look after your posture too – otherwise, you’ll end up with a sore back. But comfortable desk chairs also tend to have more padding and are a little more relaxing. You might not want a super-comfy chair if you want to stay focussed on your work, but these are perfect for using when you can be a bit more relaxed.

Adan Task Chair

Just one look at this chair and you know it’s going to be comfortable. It’s made from solid and engineered wood and filled with a deep foam, with a waterfall seat design wrapped in soft velvet. It’s still ergonomic too – the recessed arms and molded back ensure your comfort won’t be temporary while you work.

It’s height adjustable, available in a wide range of modern colors to suit any décor style, and the iron base is solid and supportive, and suitable for carpets and hard floors too.

Vail Task Chair

Enjoy a classic look for your home office space with this beautiful Vail task chair. Solid and engineered wood are covered in thick foam and a gentle linen blend with a button-tufted design in a range of colors.

It tilts for extra comfort while you work, and is height-adjustable. The back is ergonomic although the design does omit armrests, which means you’ll need a comfortable wrist rest for your desk to protect your arms while you work.

Soule Task Chair

If you’re looking for an office chair with an incredible cushioned base then this is the chair for you. It’s a farmhouse-chic design with a rustic wood finish which means it’s extremely attractive, no matter which color you choose for the brushed polyester cover.

But it’s that wide circular cushion that’s packed with foam that is the highlight – you’ll sink into the chair, without becoming so relaxed that work becomes impossible. The gentle curved back ensures that your own spine is protected too.

Dahmen Task Chair

A more contemporary design that some of the above chairs, this is still exceptionally comfortable. Available in either gray or blue, it has a thick-padded back, sides and seat that is extra supportive, and can be tilted to adjust to you as you work.

The armrests are fixed, but at a naturally comfy height and with all that padding you’ll have no trouble working for hours in this attractive chair.

Best budget friendly Wayfair desk chairs

When you’re shopping on a budget, it’s still important to get a good quality desk chair. You don’t want one that is too flimsy, nor do you want to compromise too much on looks. True, some of the cheapest options have, to be polite, a very specific taste, but it is possible to find good-quality desk chairs without spending hundreds of dollars.

Ergonomic Task Chair

Shopping for a simple desk chair on a budget doesn’t mean having to compromise on basic comfort. This chair might have fixed hard plastic armrests, but it does have lumbar support and a mesh back panel that’ll keep you cool.

The chair seat isn’t too thickly padded, so it may need an extra cushion if you plan to use it for long hours, but it’s sturdy and reliable for the price you’ll pay.

Askov Task Chair

There’s a beauty to the simplicity of this chair design – it uses clean lines and a lack of armrests to give it a very modern look. The back is tall, ideal for anyone who needs more of a support for their back, with a mesh panel ensuring you’ll stay cool.

The lack of armrests will depend on your working style and posture but make sure you at least invest in a good wrist rest for your desk, as you’ll have to lean your arms onto it without any other support.

Jadon Mesh Drafting Chair

Very similar in design to the chair above, this is a simple arm-less chair with mesh back panel and lumbar support design. What makes this chair stand out is the color options – you can keep it subtle with a neutral gray, white or black, or add a touch of vibrancy to your office with attractive choices such as red, orange, pink, green, or blue.

The base is painted steel, while the cushion is made using soft moderate sponge, keeping it comfortable and long-lasting.

Home Office Ergonomic PC Chair

If you’re looking more for the gaming-chair style, then this cheaper option could be ideal. It has a thick-set back with two cut-outs for breathability, and fixed curved armrests that have a thin padding layer for additional support.

The soft leather lining makes it comfortable to sit in, while it’s highly reclinable – ideal when you want to bask in a piece of work well done!

In summary

No matter your taste or requirements, Wayfair has some great options for desk chairs that are bound to fit what you’re looking for. There are chairs for a wide range of budgets too. If you’re working from home, or you just want to make sure your office space has a suitable chair for those times you do need it, make sure you get a good quality desk chair. Your back will make sure to let you know if you don’t, and you’ll regret it. 

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