Best Minimalist Nightstands

A nightstand is the perfect example of how furniture can either stand out or almost disappear, depending on your design choices. Choose something intricate and ornate and it’ll really help to enhance the bed as the focal point of the room. Or, if you prefer something minimalistic, it’ll help to keep the focus elsewhere, or give the illusion of more space in a room that might not be the largest.

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If you’re in the latter camp, and you’re looking for a nightstand that won’t dominate the room but will fit in easily with any contemporary décor, then here are some of the best minimalist nightstands you can buy.

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How do you define a minimalist nightstand?

Minimalist design refers to furniture and décor that is stripped back to its absolute core function. The priority should be how you use the nightstand – not so much how it looks. 

It doesn’t have any fancy extra features or clever design choices, but instead uses unassuming forms, neutral colors (either natural wood or whites and grays, usually) and basic materials to create something that is elegant through its simplicity. And that’s key – they don’t look cheap, but instead are sophisticated and subtle additions to your room.

Best from Ikea

Ikea offer a wide choice of nightstands, and many fit the minimalist theme. Scandinavian furniture style is one of simple colors and clean design, meaning that these nightstands will easily fit into any minimalist room.

Knarrevik Light Gray-Blue Nightstand

This nightstand is a solid and sturdy option, made entirely of metal. It is simply made but will work well in a room where you’re aiming for a more modest style. The black version is slightly more striking but would also work well in a minimalist room when paired with white accents and soft furnishings. The light gray-blue option instead works well with a wider range of gentle pastels.

Hemnes White Stain Nightstand

This white nightstand with a single drawer proves the concept that minimalist furniture can still look extremely elegant and balance that with functionality too. There are no clever concepts here – just a single shelf, a small drawer, and a plain top surface, but the clean lines and white stain color help it to look bright yet understated at the same time. Pair it with white walls and bed linens and you’ll have the cleanest, most contemporary room possible.

Best from Amazon

Amazon is always a good place to start when looking for, well, anything. But they aren’t nightstand specialists, so you need to make sure you shop around to find the best options. Some will be imported, but this can help you get a great deal too.

Bameos Modern Round Nightstand

Not all nightstands need be square, and not all round nightstands need be intricate. This modern round table works perfectly as a nightstand and with its plain white top will still hold up in a sophisticated room design without standing out as a focal point. The contrast with the natural bamboo legs does give it a little more obvious presence but if you aren’t a fan, you could easily paint those white as well.

Exilot Solid Wood Nightstand

The natural wood and bare minimal design of this nightstand will ensure it looks simple and clean in your bedroom. It’s an open-ended box design, which helps to keep it looking graceful whilst still having the room you need for it to be a functional nightstand. Paired with pastels or light gray décor it will add a fresh natural touch without drawing the eye too much.

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Best from Etsy

Etsy’s marketplace for unique furniture designers and independent sellers will help you to find some wonderful items to complete your home. When it comes to nightstands, there are a lot of intricate designs where people are showing off their unique talent, but you’ll find plenty of minimalist options as well.

Lassen Nightstand

This solid wood nightstand couldn’t be simpler in its design, and it’s that reason which keeps it fitting in the minimalist style despite the deep tones of the natural wood. It’s also exceptionally high quality, a piece that will stand the test of time. You can choose from a number of different wood tones including Ash, Cherry, Red Oak, White Oak, Walnut and Ebonized Ash, finding the right one to match your chosen décor.

Mid Century Teak Nightstand

While many nightstands incorporate a shelf or drawers, the most minimal nightstands are simple tables where you can add design accents or simply place your glass of water or phone overnight. That’s why this mid-century teak nightstand could easily work in a minimalist space if you wanted it to – there’s an elegance to how basic it is, and it’s a high-quality item that is sturdy and premium too.

Best from Wayfair

Wayfair’s wide range of modern home furnishings makes it the perfect place to shop for a contemporary minimalist nightstand. You’ll find plenty of options in a variety of finishes, along with some wonderful other accents you can add as finishing touches at the same time.

Carin Glass End Table

With a minimalist nightstand, you’re trying to make sure that the furniture itself does not draw the eye – leaving you to create another focal point, either through the accents you place on the nightstand or elsewhere in the room. So, this end table with clear glass shelves is ideal – it’ll be almost invisible, but at the same time extremely sophisticated.

Santos 1 Drawer Nightstand

Shelf and single drawer for extra storage? Check. Plain surface with ample room for design accents or functional items you want at hand? Check. A modern white finish that keeps the whole thing looking wonderfully modest and classy? Absolutely check – this nightstand couldn’t be more unassuming and yet at the same time perfectly charming.

Best set of 2 nightstands

Whether you’re looking to bookend your bed with matching accents, or you just want to make sure you and your partner have ample storage, nightstand pairs are the ideal way to add a little symmetry to the room. You won’t find too many pairs available as a set – mostly, you’re just expected to buy two of the same individual nightstand. But here are some ready-to-buy sets if that’s what you’re looking for.

Furinno 3-Tier End Tables

If your priority is adding a simple modern touch to your room without a huge budget available to spend, these end tables could function as minimalist nightstands quite easily. They are made of plastic and cheap engineered wood, so won’t look extremely sophisticated under close inspection, but as part of a wider room design, they can certainly play their part if you’re not looking to spend too much.

Haraway 2-Drawer Nightstands

This set of two-drawer nightstands are supremely elegant whether you choose the white or the gray option. The etched handle-less design of the drawers and the clean lines keep these matching nightstands looking great, with ample space to keep them from feeling overcrowded when you add a couple of extra touches.

Best narrow nightstands

Not every bedroom has a lot of space for a nightstand. If you need something narrow to fit into a smaller gap, take a look at these minimal options that can be functional without adding to the cluttered feel.

Acme Bertie Side Table

This beautiful narrow side table has everything you could need – including a shelf and a drawer – just in a more compact and slim design. It has a clean and effortless design that measures just 13 inches wide, made from a sturdy wood that will keep it looking great for the long term.

Convenience Concepts End Table

This white end table doubles as the ideal nightstand for rooms with limited space. It is a cheaper option made from engineered wood with a birch veneer, so it’s not something to buy if you want a nightstand to last for life. But if you’re on a tighter budget and want to start building your minimalistic style then this could be a great starting point.

Best for tiny bedroom

If your bedroom really is tiny, then you’ll struggle to even fit in a narrow nightstand. That’s where these clever options can help you save space and get the functionality you need, without the room feeling claustrophobic.

Solid Walnut Floating Nightstand

If you have a tiny bedroom then floorspace might be at a premium, so a floating nightstand that is essentially a double shelf might be just what you need. These are made from solid walnut, so while the design of the nightstand is minimal the natural look is still quite striking – you’ll be able to decide whether it’s the right fit for your décor.

Bed Shelfie

When you really don’t have much room and you just want a small touch to act as an accessory stand, a floating bedside shelf could be the best option. They aren’t to everyone’s taste but with a clean white design made from bamboo they certainly fit the minimalistic brief.

In summary

There are a lot of options for minimalist nightstands available, ranging from entry-level options when first building your room and home, to more sophisticated and sturdy choices that will endure for many years.

Whether it’s white finishes or natural woods, the key to minimalist nightstands are those which prioritize function over intricate fashion, but that doesn’t mean these all look cheap and basic. In contrast, many are the picture of elegance and sophistication, and you’ll have no trouble creating a charming and clean minimalist bedroom with the choices on this list.

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