The Best Kitchen Rugs: How to Choose the Perfect Rug

The kitchen is the heart of a home and adding a rug is an easy and affordable way to transform the look of this space, adding warmth, style and sophistication.

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But choosing a kitchen rug that’s both fashionable and functional can be problematic. As well as looking beautiful, a good kitchen rug should be durable, water-resistant and easy to clean.

The good news is that it’s possible to find the ideal balance between style and substance. Read on to find out how to choose the best kitchen rug that’s as practical as it is pretty…

The best kitchen rugs for 2021

If you’re short on time and just want links to the best kitchen rugs, we have that for you here too. We’ve searched through thousands of the most popular kitchen rugs, paying careful attention to the online reviews to bring you this shortlist of the best rugs for your kitchen in 2021:

Best washable kitchen rug: Ruggable Kamran Coral Rug

“Kamran Coral Rug blends a brilliant palette of sophisticated colors with a classic, Persian-inspired design.”

Best modern kitchen rug: WiseLife Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Rug

“The WiseLife extra thick anti-fatigue kitchen mats are ergonomically engineered and provide cushioned support to help improve circulation and posture while working in the kitchen or at any work stations.”

Best kitchen runner rug: Ottomanson Multicolor Checked Runner Rug

“Manufactured in Turkey, The Ottohome Collection is composed of low-pile, machine-woven loop texture rugs made with 100% nylon. Completed with a non-slip rubber back, the Ottohome Collection offers rugs that grip onto floors for optimal skid resistance, while the stain resistant nature of nylon results in durability and longevity, serving you for years to come.”

Best kitchen rugs for hardwood floors: Charlton Home Clarine Kitchen Mat

“This Kitchen Mat is an indoor low profile skid-resistant mat that works perfectly anywhere in your home. You can not ask for any easier care floorcovering in your home.”

Best rug for under a kitchen table: Barham Indoor/Outdoor Rug

“Made in Egypt, it is machine made from that must-have material with a low pile height for easy upkeep. Versatile enough for a variety of sunny spaces, it showcases a brown border and a beige, hooked center.”

Best washable kitchen rug: Ruggable Kamran Coral Rug

If you’re looking for a kitchen rug that won’t make you cry over spilled milk, then look no further than this Persian-ispired rug by Ruggable. It comes in two parts – a washable top cover and a cushioned pad that goes underneath.

This rug has a classic Persian-inspired design featuring a bold geometric pattern. Perfect for either a modern or traditional kitchen, the intricate detailing and rustic weathered look will easily conceal any dirt or crumbs.

Best modern kitchen rug: WiseLife Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Rug

This modern vinyl kitchen rug is both stylish and practical. Half an inch thick and made with foam and cushioned PVC, this floor mat is ergonomically engineered to help improve your posture and circulation while you stand at the sink washing dishes. It’s durable, water-resistant and wipe-clean so will look fresh and new for years to come.

We love the gray and white geometric design of this floor rug which is also available as a runner. It’s great for people with arthritis and the bevelled edge and non-slip backing add an extra degree of safety. 

Best kitchen runner rug: Ottomanson Multicolor Checked Runner Rug

Practical and stylish, this exquisite kitchen runner rug is made in Turkey, a country which makes some of the world’s best rugs. Despite this, it has a very budget-friendly price tag, making it the ideal cheap runner rug for your kitchen.

Made from polypropylene, this rug can be spot cleaned with soap and water as needed. It has a practical short pile and a non-slip backing to keep it in place in even the busiest of kitchens. With over 3,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this rug is certainly worthy of your consideration.

Best kitchen rugs for hardwood floors: Charlton Home Clarine Kitchen Mat

This low profile rubber floor covering has a taupe and white tile-inspired design that would look fantastic on a wooden floor. This rug is skid-resistant and waterproof, so it won’t slide around and will also protect your precious hardwood flooring from spills. 

This stylish floor covering is easy to wipe clean, fade-resistant and built to last. It’s available in a range of sizes, including as a runner, so it will fit perfectly into most kitchens.

Best rug for under a kitchen table: Barham Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Stylish and stain-resistant, this polypropylene kitchen rug is so durable that it can be used outdoors as well as in the kitchen. Beige in color, it has a low pile and a neat brown edging.

Available in a choice of sizes and with both rectangular and round options, this Egyptian-made rug is a great-value floor covering that will keep your toes cozy underneath the kitchen table while being easy to vacuum.

Rugs in the kitchen: Yes or no?

Your kitchen probably isn’t the first place that you’d think to put a rug. So, should you have a rug in the kitchen at all? The answer depends on your kitchen, of course, but in most houses, a kitchen rug makes a great addition.

Kitchen floors are often cold and hard, particularly if they’re made from stone, ceramic tile or concrete. When you’re standing at the stove or the sink for long periods, you’ll certainly feel the benefit of something soft and cosy underfoot.

Homeowners with wooden or laminate kitchen floors can especially benefit from a rug. These types of flooring may be easily damaged by water, dropped objects or pets’ claws. Having a kitchen rug is a good way to protect your delicate flooring, as well as hiding any damage that’s already occurred.

If you have carpet in your kitchen, then a rug is certainly a good idea. It’s much easier to deal with a dropped saucepan by throwing your rug in the washing machine than it would be to spend hours trying to scrub marinara sauce out of your carpet!

As well as the practical benefits of kitchen rugs, they can also be a welcome addition to your home decor. The right rug will make your kitchen look stylish, cosy and lived-in. A feature rug with a bold print can make an eye-catching statement that draws the eye away from old kitchen units or worktops that might be in need of some TLC.

What type of rug is best for the kitchen?

If you’ve decided to join the kitchen rug club, your next question will be ‘what is the best kind of rug to buy?’

To help you with this important decision, this article will guide you through the best options when it comes to the shape and size, material and color of your new kitchen rug.

Where to put a rug in the kitchen

Kitchen rugs tend to go in one of four places:

  • In front of the kitchen sink
  • In front of the stove
  • In the center of the kitchen
  • Under the kitchen table

Of course, the best location for your kitchen rug depends very much on the size and shape of your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, a central rug could also cushion your feet while you stand in front of the kitchen sink and stove.

Long, narrow rugs are called runners. Commonly used in hallways, runners also work great for long galley-style kitchens or in front of the sink or stove in kitchens that have a central island. 

If you want a rug to place under the kitchen table, then you should aim to mirror the table shape, with round rugs under round tables and rectangular rugs under rectangular tables.

Whichever rug you choose, you should make sure that you measure your kitchen floor carefully. Don’t choose a rug that’s too big, as ideally, you’ll want to see some flooring around the edge. If you’re considering a runner, it should be as long as the space will allow to avoid looking odd.

A good trick is to place tape on the floor where you want the rug to go. This will enable you to check that the size looks right before you go rug shopping.

The best colors and patterns for kitchen rugs

The best kitchen rugs complement the look and feel of the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean that you need to play it safe. A bright or patterned rug can be a great way to make a statement or add interest to what might otherwise be a plain-looking room.

Dark and patterned rugs are great for hiding dirt and spills. Even if you choose a rug that’s easy to clean, you might not have the chance to wash it as often as you like. A rug that has a detailed pattern will hide a multitude of sins.

The best materials for kitchen rugs

Kitchens are high-traffic areas that have a real potential for spills and messes. So, when choosing a kitchen rug there are two things that you should look out for:

  1. Durability
  2. Easy cleaning

This means that you’ll want to steer clear of fluffy, long-pile rugs that are better suited to living rooms and bedrooms. 

These are some of the best materials for kitchen rugs:

  • Nylon – Strong, durable and resistant to staining
  • Polyester – Water-resistant, fade-resistant and feels like wool
  • Polypropylene – Tough, stain-resistant and can sometimes be cleaned with bleach
  • Seagrass – Natural, hard-wearing and stain-resistant
  • Bamboo – Sustainable and durable with a nice sheen
  • Vinyl – Modern, wipe-clean and durable

What type of rug is easiest to keep clean?

The easiest type of rug to keep clean is a vinyl rug or mat as these are completely waterproof and can be wiped clean. However, if you want something that’s softer and less plasticky, then you should consider a flatweave rug which can be easily vacuumed and can be thrown in the washing machine.

Not all flatweave rugs are machine-washable, but many are, so be sure to check the care instructions before you buy.

One of the most popular and well-known brands of machine washable rugs is Ruggable. Ruggable rugs are great because they come in two pieces – so you can wash the textile cover while leaving the rug pad in place. 

Ruggable isn’t the only brand of machine washable rug, though. You’ll find that most of the major rug retailers and online stores like Wayfair, Amazon and Walmart also have a large choice of machine-washable rugs.

Think about safety

When selecting a kitchen rug, you shouldn’t forget about safety, particularly if you have older adults in your home. Over 35,000 adults aged 65 or older are treated in hospital for falls caused by carpets and rugs in the US each year.

Rugs can become a trip hazard when the edges curl up, or when they move around on a smooth floor. To prevent this problem, you’ll want to choose a quality rug with a non-slip backing. If the rug still moves around or curls up, you can buy specialist rug pads or tapes to secure it in place.

A kitchen rug certainly doesn’t need to be a hazard. In fact, having a rug in place can actually make slippy hard floors much safer and easier for kids and pets to walk on. 


Adding a rug or runner to the kitchen is a great idea if you want your feet to feel warm and cushioned while you cook and wash dishes. There are a huge range of kitchen rugs to choose from, but the best ones are those that are durable and easy to clean.

Whether you want a long runner for a galley kitchen, a round rug for under a circular kitchen table or a rectangular area rug for the middle of the room, you’ll find lots of good options online. 

When you begin shopping for a rug, you should measure your floor carefully and consider marking with tape where you want it to go. If you’re buying a rug online, always read the reviews carefully to make sure that you choose a great-quality rug that will look great in your kitchen.

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