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Finding high-quality candles that are also affordable isn’t always easy. A lot of brands will use the premium scent and look of their candle to justify a higher price tag – and while those candles are sometimes worth it, you won’t always have the money available to pay for them.

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That’s where a brand like Huntington Home can fill the gap. They offer good quality candles at a low price, perfect for those times when you want to fill your home with a delicious aroma but you don’t have a spare $30+ for a candle from a more prominent brand.

Huntington Home is the candle brand sold at supermarket Aldi. This chain was formed in Germany and has since spread to numerous countries around the world, including the US, UK, Australia, China and much of Europe, although it is yet to appear in Canada.

Aldi is famous for its “middle aisles” – the parts of the shop that have an eclectic mix of household items that regularly change. One constant though is the Huntington Home candle brand, although the scents available will change over time.

Because Aldi is a budget supermarket, the candles are generally cheap. The downside is that they aren’t always easy to get hold of – Aldi don’t sell items online, so if you don’t live near the supermarket then you’re relying on some of the scents being available through sites like Amazon.

They’re still worth looking into, because of their high-quality soy-wax blends and stunning scents. Which is why we’ve pulled together this list of the best Huntington Home candles you can buy, with links to those that are currently available online – though be aware that online sellers charge a lot more than they cost in store. Try to find them in your local Aldi if you live near one.

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Are Huntington Home candles the same as Bath and Body Works?

Huntington Home candles are not the same as Bath and Body Works although they are designed to be similar. If you like Bath and Body Works candles then it is likely you’ll enjoy Aldi’s Huntington Home range, although the quality might not be quite the same. Huntington Home candles will still provide a good throw and a consistent burn, but maybe not quite the same as that of Bath and Body Works. 

One advantage Huntington Home has over Bath and Body Works is price – while Bath and Body Works aren’t exactly super-expensive anyway, Huntington Home candles are a lot cheaper and you’ll normally be able to pick up three or four of their candles for the same price as one from Bath and Body Works.

Who makes Huntington Home?

Huntington Home candles are made by Aldi, the German supermarket chain that has stores across Europe, China, Australia, the UK and the US. There are usually only a few scents available to buy in-store at any one time, with the range kept up to date seasonally. Some Huntington Home candles do make it onto online stores, but not all.

Huntington Home candles are all three-wick, soy-blend candles that come in an attractive glass jar (that would almost be worth the cost of the candle alone as an accessory once cleaned). They are all a standard size with a burn time of between 45 and 60 hours.

Highest rated Huntington Home candles:

These are some of the best-rated candles you can buy from the Huntington Home range. No matter which room of your home you decide to use them in, you’ll enjoy a powerful and pleasant aroma – no wonder these are the most popular options.


The Vanilla candle is a true classic. It has a gentle aroma which would fit perfectly amongst your kitchen, or just anywhere that you want a subtle yet soothing scent. You can almost taste the sweet cookie flavor on the air when you light this candle, without it being sickly or overpowering.

Tropical Escape

If you’re looking for something with more of a kick, this Tropical Escape candle certainly has a fruity edge that will help you to unwind whilst still providing a burst of energy to the room. It’s great for your home office – the tangy aroma will help soothe any stresses but also keep you alert and focussed on the task at hand.


Bring the fresh scents of the outdoors into your home with this crisp, gentle candle that is super-fragrant, filling the room with a floral aroma. Use it in the kitchen to extend your garden into your home naturally, or being a cool vibe into the bedroom that will match sharp white linens perfectly.

Best for winter:

As cold nights draw in and festive plans begin to be made, a quality candle with a winter-y scent can really warm the soul and make you feel relaxed and cozy at the end of the day. These charming scents will evoke powerful memories of Christmas and your favorite winters gone by, and get you right into the holiday spirit.

Winter Balsam

Wood-themed candles are very popular when you want to bring that wintery feeling into your home, providing there’s a certain crispness and lightness to the aroma. Anything too earthen will remind you more of fall than winter, but a fresh wood-based scent like this Winter Balsam candle will feel more like a sharp, refreshing forest walk. It’s peaceful, silent serenity wrapped up in a soothing balsam aroma.

Holiday Cranberry

There are a lot of fragrances that you would associate with the festive season, and candles that have an aroma of pine or cinnamon and ginger are common. This offers something a little different – a warming aroma with the fruity kick of cranberry, perfect for the Thanksgiving or Christmas period at home depending on what you most associate with this classic side sauce.

First Snow

Crisp, light and delicate – this candle will evoke the childhood wonder that never truly leaves us when we have that first snowfall of the year. The fragrance is charming and sharp, being gentle enough to evoke the feeling of actual snowflakes drifting calmly and silently through the air. Light this candle and close your eyes – you’ll almost feel the crunch under your imagined footsteps.

Frosted Vanilla

While the standard vanilla candle from Huntington Home is considered one of the most popular, this winter version adds a slight twist to the fragrance. You’ll evoke memories of all those times spent baking yummy Christmas treats as this candle fills your home with a sweet scent that is perfect for the holidays.

Best for bathroom:

Bathroom candles serve two main purposes – use them whilst having a long bath when you need to unwind and melt away the stresses of the day, or just use them to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and pleasant. These scents are perfect for both scenarios.

Sunflower & Zest

This light, fun candle combines the scents of beautiful sunflowers with a real fruity twist. It’s still quite a subtle aroma, designed more to breathe a feeling of fresh air into a room instead of one that sits heavy with overpowering citrus, and it works wonderfully. Light it while you have guests over and they will feel love how pleasant and clean your bathroom smells.

Seaside Boardwalk

Candles with a water theme are some of the best options if you want to unwind in a bath. True, when walking along an actual coastal boardwalk you don’t tend to be submerged in a tub, but the feeling of water gently lapping at your toes as you unwind creates a complete sensory experience, with this candle evoking powerful images of the sea and the smells of the beach.

Coco Cove

Transport yourself away from your bathroom to a tropical beach and enjoy the feeling of complete and utter relaxation, with a candle that blends the soothing aromas of the sea with hints of coconut and sub-drenched flora. Your suburban home will feel like it has been whisked to the Caribbean, and you’ll be able to soak away all the daily stresses.

Best for bedroom:

Arguably the most important room in your home, your bedroom is your sanctuary – it’s where you should feel at your most relaxed. These candles create potent aromas that can help turn your bedroom into a paradise of calm, the ideal place to escape from your day-to-day.

Rosewater Sangria

Fill your bedroom with a soothing, peaceful scent with this Rosewater Sangria option. It’s a perfectly balanced fragrance – with enough definition that you’ll absolutely enjoy the rosewater notes, but delicate in a way that just adds a calming atmosphere to the room, without completely overpowering your senses. It’s just strong enough to be noticeable, but reserved in a way that will make it feel like a natural scent.

Mahogany & Amber

Sometimes you’ll want a candle for your bedroom with deeper and more resonant base tones. This candle is still calming and comforting, but it’s got a bit more potency about it. Whereas the Rosewater Sangria just straddles the line of fading into the background, this candle will give the room a strongly defined fragrance that is enjoyable and satisfying.

Blood Orange Persimmon

While you may assume that the best aromas for a bedroom are calm, gentle ones, that’s not always true. A sharp, fruity fragrance like the one this Blood Orange Persimmon candle emits is also a great option when you want to feel more alert and awake. This makes it especially pleasant if your bedroom doubles as your home office, but even if you just want to unwind, the sweetness of this candle will absolutely delight.

Best for kitchen:

If the bedroom is the most important room in your home, the kitchen is likely the busiest. So, bringing a pleasant candle into the heart of your home is a great way to give the whole family a lift. These delightful scents will brighten everyone’s day whether enjoyed as the troop are preparing breakfast or winding down with dinner.

Black Currant & Elderflower

Adding a fruity fragrance to your kitchen is a great way of lifting the mood and making the whole room seem much more pleasant – it’s as if you’ve got the sweetest, freshest fruit just waiting to be eaten. This candle combines the sharp and lively scent of blackcurrants with a gentle undertone of elderflower that balances the aroma, making it much more palatable – it’s still got plenty of punch, but not so much that you’re reeling as you enter the room.

Lakeside Dreams

The kitchen is a melting pot of natural aromas, and sometimes you just want something refreshing to almost air it out. This candle brings a sense of serenity and crisp clear air into the room, perfect if you’ve been preparing a particularly fragrant meal and you want a helping hand making the room feel just a little cleaner again.

Sparkler Cupcakes

Bringing a touch of bakery fun into the kitchen with a candle is a great way to give the room a more homely feel, although some can be sickly. Not this candle – despite the vibrant name it’s actually quite subtle, with a blend of vanilla and almost a caramel scent that isn’t too overwhelming. Just like the best cupcakes.

Sweet Watermelon

A lot of fruity candles tend to focus more on classic citrus options like orange, or of course the ever-popular berry scents. Which makes this Sweet Watermelon candle refreshing in more ways than one. It’s a really delightful scent that is perfect at any time of the day, but light it in the morning for the ideal wake-up fragrance as the family bustles through their routine.

In summary

Huntington Home candles aren’t easily accessible to everyone – you need to either live close to one of their supermarkets or be able to buy one of the limited range that’s available online. However, if you are able to get hold of Huntington Home candles then they’re perfect as a low-cost option when you want to add a pleasant scent to your home.

Because they’re cheaper, you can take advantage to buy a variety of scents to suit different rooms in your home, or they make ideal gifts for friends and family. But if you find a scent that you enjoy, it’s worth stocking up before the range is adjusted and your favorite disappears for a while.

Have you enjoyed a Huntington Home candle? What scent is your go-to?

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