Best Glasshouse Candle Scents

Glasshouse Candles are wonderfully luxurious and premium, with some magnificent aromas that will fill your home with scent and create a delightful atmosphere where you can unwind.

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Glasshouse is an Australian brand, with the candles manufactured in Sydney. The fragrances are created with the Australian market in mind, but they are equally suited to a global audience, with candles available to order worldwide.

With that in mind, here are some of the best Glasshouse candle scents you can enjoy in your home.

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Best jumbo Glasshouse candles

Glasshouse candles are available in numerous sizes, but if you’re investing in a luxury candle anyway then why not go large and choose a jumbo candle? These have an impressive burn time of over 100 hours, meaning you’ll enjoy the magnificent scents and fragrances for a long time.

Glasshouse do have very specific recommendations on how long you should burn your candle for at a time – never for less than 2 hours or more than 4 hours at once. This optimal burning time will keep your candle at its best and ensure that it melts equally, giving you over a month’s worth of fragrance if used every day.

Forever Florence

Transport yourself from your home to the charming flower markets of Florence with this sumptuous candle that will absolutely delight. It has fruity top notes of peach and cherry that give way to the peonies, jasmine and lilies of the mid-range. From there the base of amber and musk will spark rich and vivid pictures of old cobblestones, incredible architecture and just a sun-kissed ambience where you can truly unwind.

Kyoto in Bloom

The floral gardens of Kyoto in Japan truly are a complete sensory experience, but the next best thing to visiting is bringing this candle into your home. It captures the essence of lotus and cherry blossoms, with top notes of fresh lime, citrus and bergamot capturing that refreshing and breezy feel of standing amongst the flowers. Mid notes of camellia and a base of amber, sandalwood and musk keep the scent grounded for a magnificently relaxing fragrance overall.

Glasshouse candles – the best according to Reddit

Finding the best candle fragrances isn’t always easy. Any candle manufacturer is always going to tell you that their candles are the best, and even when you’ve decided who to buy from, they will promote their own preferred scents – perhaps those which haven’t been selling as well as they’d hope.

Independent review sites are one good place to check out candle reviews, but social media is useful too. And few networks online are as dedicated and honest as Reddit. These candles have all been recommended on Reddit posts from people who really know their candles.

Sydney Sundays

This light and fruit fragrance is perfect for creating a refreshing everyday ambience, combining the brisk and juicy citric scents with an almost coastal breeze. The top notes of grapefruit and mandarin are punchy, supported by more gentle undertones of jasmine, rose and orange blossom wafting through the room. The must and benzoin base notes are the ideal finishing touches for this sunny, soothing candle.

A Tahaa Affair

This is a novelty festive candle presented in packaging resembling a bauble, creating a delightful gift for a loved one at Christmas. The fragrance blend is extremely cleverly balanced, with pineapple top notes giving way to a coconut aroma before the real stars of the show – caramel and vanilla – fill your room with a delicious, mouth-watering scent.

Melbourne Muse

Delicate and sweet, this luxurious candle strikes a delicate line between a rich depth and a light ambience. The result is a potent scent that won’t be overpowering, with top notes of orange flower and gentle acacia that soon give way to coffee flower and later vanilla and sandalwood. It’s a fragrance that fills the room without being dominating, that you can comfortably enjoy on a daily basis.

The most popular Glasshouse candle scent

Glasshouse works on new scents and fragrances all the time, and so the most popular scents change on a regular basis, with seasonal variants often being the star of the show. Here are some festive fragrances gaining in popularity as the year rolls on, along with some classics that remain favorites no matter the season.

Night Before Christmas

Build the anticipation of Christmas with this cult-favorite festive delight that is packed full of aromas that will kindle the senses and memories of childhood yuletides. The top notes of blackcurrant and redcurrant are balanced with base notes of musk and spice – think mulled wines and rich fruity depth. Middle notes of plum, lemon and rose help balance the potency – you really will have thoughts of sugar plums dancing in your head.

Christmas Morning

Another candle inspired by the festive season, this one is themed much more around classic Christmas mornings, with aromas that evoke traditional foods and gifts. Blood orange and bergamot give way to clove and cinnamon, with a pine base note that will being the feelings of a fresh cut tree into your home. Recapture the magic of those early Christmas morns with this luxurious candle.

Flower Show

The complex blend of aromas and scents that make up this candle will transport you into the heart of your own beautiful floral garden, with a dazzling mix of charming scents that are light, fragile and refreshing for mind and soul. It has fruity top notes of green apple, grapefruit, pineapple and blackcurrant underpinned by pink pepper, Ylang Ylang, orange flower and jasmine. The deeper base notes are almond blossom and rosewood, which won’t overpower the more delicate floral fragrances that this candle emits.

Montmartre Macaron

This luxurious candle is a popular favorite but is also limited edition, so you’ll want to make sure to pick one up quickly if it sounds like something you’d enjoy. It’s a supremely decadent fragrance to match the refined elegance of the macaron snack, with hints of vanilla and blueberry along with just a touch of sugared coconut acting as the mouth-watering base note.

Best discontinued scent

Glasshouse are always making new fragrances, which does mean that some candles have to be discontinued in order to make room in the range of the new offerings. However, they do have a part of their website dedicated to these discontinued candles where you have a last chance to pick up a classic candle scent.

It’s called The Vault and while the scents available here will change, there is always something work checking out – these are the candles on a last limited run because of their popularity. At the time of writing, you can check out Tales of Coney Island – a fairground themed candle with caramelized sugar, vanilla and fig. Or there’s Secrets of the Sistine, a musky scent that mixes Myrrh and Frankincense with patchouli for a mysterious and restorative aroma.

Teleport yourself to the French capital with A Place in Paris, an aroma dominated by patchouli and violent with a rich cedarwood and amber base. Or enjoy the sense of the colorful Italian coastline with Passion in Positano, a blend of verbena, basil, mandarin and lime that sparkles with fruity joy.

What makes Glasshouse candles good?

Glasshouse candles use a premium soy-wax blend that is natural but also highly effective at releasing the fragrance. The candles are triple scented, which means they have an intense aroma with a good throw – this means you don’t need to be too close in order to enjoy the fragrance, it’ll fill the room.

The brand introduced this new standard after previously using food-grade paraffin wax, and at the same time as upgrading to soy they’ve also increased the size of most of the range. The result is larger candles with long burn times that release some incredible scents.

Who manufactures Glasshouse candles?

Glasshouse candles are manufactured internally by the same company, from their base in Sydney, Australia. They don’t use external manufacturers for their products. The brand is owned by the Sapphire Group which creates high quality fragrance products for the home. They are one of the largest candle manufacturers in Australia and are gaining a solid reputation around the world for the quality of their products.

Are Glasshouse candles ethical?

Glasshouse candles are ethical. They are produced in Australia using scents bought from only reputable suppliers that are established and can prove that their aromas are manufactured responsibly. The candles are cruelty-free and safe to use around children and dogs, so you can rest assured that your candles are ethical to buy and to use around your home.

Are Glasshouse candles bad for you?

Glasshouse candles are not bad for you. They are made from a premium soy wax that burns clean, with 100% cotton wicks involving no lead. This means that they don’t release smoke or toxic chemicals and can be comfortably enjoyed in any room in your home without the need for excess ventilation.

Is Circa Home owned by Glasshouse?

Circa Home is a separate brand to Glasshouse, but they are sister companies, both owned by the Sapphire Group in Australia. So technically the answer is no, Glasshouse doesn’t own Circa Home, but they are both owned by the same company and have the same dedication to high-quality fragrances for the home.

Are Glasshouse candles 100% soy?

Glasshouse candles are made using a soy wax blend. They aren’t 100% soy, but they are natural, and have a healthy and clean burn that releases an intense fragrance. The wax formula is cruelty-free with no parabens or silicones and there is zero animal testing used at any stage of the candles’ manufacture.

Are Glasshouse candles safe for dogs?

Glasshouse candles are perfectly safe to burn around children, dogs and any other pets you might have, with a completely clean and natural burn. It’s still important that you keep your candle out of reach of your dogs or indeed other animals or younger family members, just to make sure they don’t knock the candle over.

Are Glasshouse products vegan?

Glasshouse candles and other fragrance products can be considered vegan friendly – they contain no animal by-products and there is no animal testing carried out at any stage of the manufacture of the candles. They are free from parabens and PEGS and are safe to use around animals too. The wax used in Glasshouse candles is now a soy wax blend that is natural and also provides a pure, clean burn.

In summary

Glasshouse candles offer some intense, delightful fragrances with their range of all-natural, high-quality candles. If you’re looking to treat yourself to a luxury candle or you want a gift for a loved one, they have a wide range that can evoke powerful memories or transport you to scent-filled landscapes, with aromas that can fill a room with ease. 

And with new candles being produced all the time, you can always find something to suit you and your room, but don’t forget to check out The Vault for those popular discontinued options before they completely disappear.

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