Best Etsy Christmas Ornaments

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to Christmas ornaments. Some people are perfectly happy picking up a box of themed decorations from the store, but others want a more personal or unique touch.

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It’s important that, whatever your choice, they fit the style of tree or décor that you’re going for. Bright and bold colors don’t work if you’re someone who likes a one or two-tone subtle style. However contrasts can work too sometimes – vintage items can look great on a more modern tree, for example.

Thankfully, Etsy has some amazing options for ornaments to suit all tree themes and styles. It’s a great time to be supporting independent sellers, so here are some of the best Etsy Christmas ornaments you can buy to decorate your tree or home this year.

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Best Handmade: Pressed Flower Bauble Christmas Ornament

Best Personalized: Scrabble Tile Ornament

Best Ceramic: Star Ornament

Best Macrame: Macrame Rings Set

Best Ornament with Photos: Laser Etched Wood Ornament

Best For Pets or Pet Owners: Hand Painted Pet Portrait Ornament

Best Rustic: Rustic Golden Barn Bells

Best Handmade Christmas Ornaments

If you like the handmade touch with your ornaments, consider this Pressed Flower Bauble which uses real pressed flowers for a truly individual design. It’s encased in plastic that’s designed to look like glass, so it’s stylish but hard-wearing and it won’t break when it’s shipped to you. It’s absolutely beautiful and the seller’s reviews rave about the final product.

If you’d prefer real glass, then this Blown Glass Amber Bauble has a stunning vintage look due to the colors used. It’s hand blown, and due to the style captures the sunlight or twinkling fairy lights magically, creating a glistening effect that really showcases the unique shape of the divots in the orb.

Moving away from baubles, these  Clip-on Cardinals are carefully crafted, sculpted by hand from clay with a metal clip making it easy to attach them to any branch on your tree or indeed anywhere in your home. They’re durable and adorably painted in a classic style with warm colors, so will fit into a sophisticated theme too.

Best Personalized Christmas Decorations

If you like the thought of adding personalized ornaments to your tree at Christmas, you could start with these Printed Name Baubles. They are glitter effect and come in bold colors (which you can choose when you order), so they work best in a tree with an eclectic, striking theme. Perfect for the family, you can create a mix of shades with one for everybody.

Alternatively if you want something a little more unique, take a look at these Scrabble Tile Personalized Ornaments. Made using scrabble tiles to spell out your chosen word, they are absolutely ideal for board game lovers, and even if you’ve never played Scrabble in your life they are fun and interesting ways of adding your family’s names to your tree.

Finally, a really popular choice for personalized decorations is one aimed at couples who have just got married, and are celebrating their first Christmas in wedlock. This classy Newlywed Christmas Ornament has a wood effect but is printed either on ceramic or aluminum depending on your preference, with your name and year of marriage included to serve as a memory for future years.

Best Ceramic Ornaments For the Tree

Ceramic ornaments are always pleasant to look at. They’re durable, and tend to look higher quality than plastic or metal options. This Ceramic Tile Ornament is a great example – the tile is hand painted in acrylic with an individual style, with wire adding extra decoration. It’s contemporary and classy, fitting in best with a modern tree theme that needs splashes of color.

Another wonderful ceramic option is this  Star Ornament. It’s 3D with three prongs, rather than being a flat ornament, and is painted in a beautiful deep blue, with natural points at the bottom. A few of these can work as a touch of deeper color on a white or silver themed tree, or just place one on your fireplace as a unique standing ornament.

If you prefer your ornaments to be a little more quirky, take a look at this Buon Natale Ravioli Ornament. As Nat King Cole said, Buon Natale means Merry Christmas To You, and this fun ravioli shape pays tribute to the Italian wording. You can customize the ribbon color to, but if you’re adding ravioli to your tree it’s probably already a varied mix of styles and shades.

Best Macrame Ornaments and Patterns

Macrame has a very traditional and handmade look, striking the balance between homely and classy. These three Macrame Ring Ornaments are the perfect embodiment of that sentiment – they’re so simple, but they will work on any tree theme and look really attractive and natural. Each one will have its own minor quirks, being handmade, which only adds to the more rustic feel.

For a more overt Christmas symbol, this handmade Macrame Angel is well made and picturesque. While designed to hang as a tree ornament, you could take a traditional spin and place it at the top instead of a star. Choose the waistband color to fit your theme, and when the holiday season is over just hang the angel near a mirror or from your fireplace to let it keep watch over you and your home.

The great thing about macrame is that it’s a craft that can be tricky to master but is easy to get started with, and creating your own macrame ornaments is something you should seriously consider. This Christmas Macrame Tutorials PDF set gives you the steps you need to make a variety of Christmas decorations – just pick up the yarn and you’ll be able to create something you’ll be really proud of.

Best Ornaments with Photos

A great way to add some personalization to your decorations is by using photos. Start simple with this Aluminum Photo Ornament that prints your chosen image onto a flat aluminum decoration. It’s double-sided, so don’t worry about perfectly aligning it to stop it spinning on your tree. And as it’s metal it’ll last for years, perfect for embarrassing the family with baby photos years down the line.

If you prefer a decoration that looks a little more traditional, then this Glass Bauble-Effect Photo Ornament preserves your picture inside a flat glass decoration. You can customize the ribbon color to fit your tree’s scheme, and add some engraved text if you want to – useful if it’s being created as a memorial decoration.

Another option is a little more subtle, but can work very well amongst a tree with a reserved or stylized theme. This Laser-etched Wood Ornament turns your photo into a quaint flat wooden ornament, with the high quality etching ensuring every detail is clear and crisp. You can add text to the reverse too, if you want to commemorate a specific memory.

Best Ornaments for Pets and Pet Owners

If you have a pet, then it’s a great idea to add a little tribute or representation of them to your tree and this hand-painted Pet Portrait Bauble might be perfect. Supply a few photos of your pet and they’ll paint a realistic picture onto a large bauble. It’s a little pricey for a single ornament but it’s worth it as a feature piece if you really want to showcase your love for your pet.

Not every ornament needs to be a bauble though, and for something a little different check out these Custom Sewn Dog Ornaments. Just pick a few photos of your dog, including one that clearly shows the tail, and this seller will craft a wool-blend ornament to hang from your tree or anywhere in your home. They’re ideal if you don’t have a purebred dog and can’t find ornaments in stores that match their look and markings.

Finally, not an ornament but an essential for pet owners. These Pet-safe Ornament Hooks are perfect for lower-hanging decorations that your pet might knock over and then try to chew. They’re made from toughened paper and turn soft when chewed or eaten, so won’t damage your pet’s organs if they manage to nab an ornament before you catch them. Pair them with non-breakable ornaments and you don’t need to worry about the finer hooks ending up inside them.

Best Rustic Ornaments For a Stylish Tree

Rustic ornaments are a great way of decorating your tree and keeping it from looking like Christmas just randomly exploded everywhere. This hygge twine ball ornament is beautifully natural and neutral, and is neatly crafted so it won’t fall apart after only a year’s use and storage. Just be careful not to hang this too low if you’ve got playful pets as they will be tempted.

Combining the rustic aesthetic with a splash of unique personality, these Metal Whale Christmas Ornaments are handmade from steel and finished in a rusted teal to give them a weathered, classic look. The twine ribbon just adds the ideal finishing touch. Rustic themes work well, but adding in more quirky items for a more eclectic style is sure to give you a tree your guests will love.

If you would prefer something that looks vintage but retains some of the classic Christmas theming, then these Rustic Golden Bells work wonderfully. Each bell in this five-pack is unique and looks stunning when hung amongst a golden-decorated tree, and because they’re so classy they can easily decorate your home year-round too.

These are just a taste of some of the best Etsy ornaments for Christmas, so it’s always worth having a browse and finding one that really fits what you’re looking for from your tree’s theme this year. It’s also a good idea to buy something that works across multiple themes, as you don’t necessarily want to buy completely new ornaments every single year.

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