Coffee Table Guide: 9 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Any Budget

The best coffee tables (and how to choose one)

A coffee table is a key feature in any living room. As well as being functional, the best coffee tables are also beautiful, and look great as a focal point in the center of your room.

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Coffee tables come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. Some are retro, others are contemporary, some have a shelf underneath, whilst others have drawers. There are so many different coffee tables available, that whether you’ve seen a design you like on someone’s Instagram account, or have just dreamt of your perfect coffee table in your sleep, you’ll be able to find one online.

However, when choosing to buy a new coffee table, it’s important to first work out what’s important to you, both practically as well as aesthetically. 

In this guide, we’ll help you to decide what you’re looking for in a coffee table as well as pointing you towards some of the very best coffee tables that we’ve found in our hours of research online.

Best for small spaces: Winston Porter Pennels Coffee Table

“Instantly refresh your living room décor with the coffee table. Its round silhouette features slightly curved legs along with a bottom shelf.”

Best splurge: Lexington Oyster Bay Coffee Table

“A burnished stainless steel top with accent nailhead trim around the top edge is contrasted by a half moon motif on its wooden base creating a sophisticated, yet casual look.”

Best with storage: Gracie Oaks Clairene Coffee Table

“This 48-inch coffee table design with a farmhouse and rustic style is suited for modern farmhouse and vintage spaces alike. It features a pair of special barn-style doors that easy access to cabinets and shelves via a metal sliding track, designed for smooth and quiet slides. 2 storage cabinets can provide large storage space for video components or books. 3 adjustable shelves can be moved up and down for custom storage.”

Best modern: Wade Logan Mosheim Coffee Table

“This coffee table boasts an ultra-modern look, and we love the clever storage space that’s integrated into the powder-coated steel base. The oval top is made from scratch-resistant tempered glass. It is rimmed by black steel that matches the round base that is hollowed out, providing an ideal place to stash magazines, books, or even a cozy throw. The organic shape of this table lends to the edgy, hip vibe.”

Best traditional: Red Barrel Studio Hansmeier Coffee Table

“This ultra-handy and handsome Hans Meier coffee table brings casual elegance to your living room. This round wooden coffee table boasts a versatile finish and a lower shelf offers display space.”

Best round: Christopher Knight Home Rache Modern Round Coffee Table

“This round coffee table features a hammered surface to create a gorgeous textured look. This finish allows this piece aesthetic versatility, blending seamlessly with a range of décor Styles.”

Best unusual: Unique Nesting Coffee Table

“One-of-a-kind pieces offer a dramatic focal point and blend beautifully with any decor- add a coffee table that is a work of art to your living room.”

Best solid wood: Joss and Main Ramon Coffee Table

Rustic vibes blend with modern flair in this one-of-a-kind coffee table! Featuring a solid top supported by staggered blocks, all handcrafted from plantation teak. This whimsical design brings evocative charm to your living space! Overflowing with natural beauty fit for modern spaces, the drum shape of this table breaks up linear spaces.

Best budget: Ebern Designs Lansing Coffee Table

“Simply stylish as well as space-saving, this coffee table is a perfect anchor for cozy, small-scale sitting areas. Founded atop a cross-brace base, it’s crafted from manufactured wood and sports a dark walnut finish that emphasizes its modern appeal.”

Best for sectional sofas: Mercury Row Ahart Coffee Table

“Crafted from a black-finished iron-based with a diamond-patterned base and capped with a mango wood surface, this table is brimming with on-trend mixed-material appeal.”

Best smart coffee table: Sobro Smart Coffee Table

“The Sobrino is a smart coffee table designed to support your connected lifestyle. Set the mood or start the party with the rich deep sound quality from dual Bluetooth speakers on each side. LED lights on the underside of the Sobrino coffee table make for an amazing ambiance, and the Sobrino offers 2 USB charging ports and 4 outlets so you’re never out of the loop. Even connect your TV audio to the table via the included Bluetooth dongle, and control all these features via the touchscreen on the tempered glass top. The Sobrino keeps beverages and food chilled and always within reach: the Sobrino uses a compressor to keep your wine, beer, and beverages ice cold, and features precise temperature controls that you can adjust to your personal preferences using the touch control panel.”

The best coffee tables to buy right now

We’ve trawled the internet to find the very best coffee tables to buy online. Whilst we haven’t purchased all of these tables ourselves, they all have glowing reviews from hundreds of happy customers, so you can find a great-quality coffee table whatever your style or budget.

Best for small spaces: Winston Porter Pennels Coffee Table

This small, round coffee table is ideal for even the tiniest of studio apartments and has a shelf underneath for extra storage space. It’s available in a choice of five colors and has a simple design that will effortlessly blend in with your décor.

Dimensions: 18” H x 30” L

Weight: 25 lb.

Material: Solid and manufactured wood

Assembly required? Yes

Best with storage: Gracie Oaks Clairene Coffee Table

If you’re forever losing your knick-knacks then this sturdy, traditional-style coffee table is the perfect solution with a large storage drawer plus magazine shelf underneath. It comes in a choice three fabulous colors – rustic brown, rustic grey and light rustic oak.

Dimensions: 18.69” H x 23.56” L x 41.56” W 

Weight: 92 lb.

Material: Solid wood, laminated MDF and particleboard

Assembly required? Yes

Best modern: Wade Logan Mosheim Coffee Table

This modern coffee table has a gorgeous round base which instantly catches the eye making a great focal point for your living room. Crafted with powder coated steel and tempered glass, this low-maintenance table will go well with all colors of décor. Because of the strong materials, this coffee table is scratch resistant.

Dimensions: 18” H x 40” L x 39.5” W overall.

Weight: 52 lb.

Material: Manufactured wood and metal

Assembly required? Yes

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Best traditional: Red Barrel Studio Hansmeier Coffee Table

If you’re looking for a traditional-style coffee table that well never go out of fashion, then this handsome coffee table could be just the ticket. Crafted from solid rubberwood with cherry veneers and a turned pedestal base, this beautiful piece of furniture will complement most color schemes. It has excellent reviews on Wayfair so you can be sure you’re buying a quality piece that will last for years to come.

Dimensions: 18.25” H X 48” L X 30” D

Weight: 40 lbs.

Material: Solid and manufactured wood

Assembly required? Yes

Best round: Christopher Knight Home Rache Modern Round Coffee Table

This modern table offers a simplistic yet beautiful design that will be a real feature in any home. It’s made from a sturdy iron frame and with a hammered metal surface to create a textured effect. This table is super-child friendly, hard wearing and has a convenient lip to prevent items getting knocked off the edge.

Dimensions: 17” H x 26” L x 26” W

Weight: 15.21lb.

Material: Iron

Assembly required? No

Best unusual: Unique Nesting Coffee Table

Each of these coffee tables are one-of-a-kind, with a top that’s made from a slice of natural cedar wood and legs from cold rolled steel. The beautiful wood of this table feature knots and a live edge, so you can be sure that nobody else has the exact same table as you do.


Large Side of the Table-> Width: 90 cm. Height: 30 cm. Depth: 60 cm.

Small Side of the Table-> Width: 85 cm. Height: 35 cm. Depth: 30 cm.

Weight: 19 lb.

Material: Solid wood and metal 

Assembly required? Yes

Best solid wood: Joss and Main Ramon Coffee Table

Who said that solid wood coffee tables had to be boring? This eye-catching table is hand-crafted from environmentally-sustainable coconut shell. It’s a beautiful coffee table that showcases the natural wood.

Dimensions: 15” H X 23.5” L X 23.5” D

Weight: 55 lb.

Material: Solid wood and coconut shell

Assembly required? No

Best budget: Ebern Designs Lansing Coffee Table

Those on a budget won’t want to miss this simple and study coffee table which has fantastic reviews on Wayfair. This low maintenance table is water resistant and easy to clean, whilst the dark wood looks classy and stylish. This table would fit well with a minimalist theme, just as it would in a room that already has a lot of bold colors and patterns.

Dimensions: 16.5” H X 35.4” L X 19.7” D

Weight: 14 lb.

Material: Manufactured Wood

Assembly required? Yes

Best splurge: Lexington Oyster Bay Coffee Table

This stunning coffee table is something really special. It has a stainless-steel top with a nail head trim which contrasts beautifully against the half-moon motif of the solid wooden base. If your style is casual yet sophisticated, then this quality table epitomizes that perfectly. It’s incredibly heavy and, with a scratch-resistant top, this is a piece of furniture that’s made to last a lifetime.

Dimensions: 19” H x 40” L x 40” W

Weight: 146 lb.

Material: Stainless steel and solid wood

Assembly required? No

Best for sectional sofas: Mercury Row Ahart Coffee Table

This gorgeous coffee table is handmade and so interesting- it’s made from iron and mango wood. If you’re looking for a unique piece with it’s own distinct character, the Ahart is the coffee table for you!

Just make sure that this coffee table is 2/3 the size of the sofa portion of your sectional.

Dimensions: 18” H X 32” L X 32” D

Weight: 38.5 lbs.

Material: Solid mango wood.

Assembly required? No.

Best smart coffee table: Sobro Smart Coffee Table

Did you even know you might need a smart coffee table? Take your living room to the next level with the Sobro Smart coffee table- chilled bevy’s, bluetooth speakers, outlets for charging and all the features controlled via the tempered glass top.

Dimensions: 17.7” H X 43.5” L X 43.3” D

Weight: 104 lbs.

Material: Metal and tempered glass.

Assembly required? Yes.

How do I choose a coffee table?

There are four main things you should think about before you begin your search for a coffee table. These are:

  1. Size
  2. Shape
  3. Function
  4. Materials

1. Coffee table sizes

When choosing a coffee table, the first thing you should think about how big of a coffee table to get. Measure the space that you have available and visualize how a coffee table will fit in that space.

  • Length – A coffee table should be half to two-thirds as long as your sofa. For L-shaped sofas and sofas with a chaise, it should be half to two-thirds the length of a seat
  • Width – A coffee table should be placed around 18 inches from the sofa. This will give enough room for your legs whilst keeping items on the table in easy reach
  • Height – As a general rule, a coffee table should be the same height as the seat of your sofa. However, you may prefer a higher one if you like to eat your dinner of it or a low one if you also like to sit on a cushion on the floor sometimes

2. Coffee table shapes

Different shaped tables suit different rooms, so don’t just assume that a rectangle is best. If you have young children, you’ll probably want to avoid sharp corners which can be at eye-level to a toddler.

  • Rectangle – A good all-rounder that fits well with a standard sofa or a long sofa with a chaise
  • Square – Great for a traditional set up with a small sofa and two armchairs
  • Round – These space savers are the best for sectional sofas or small spaces
  • Oval – Good for high-traffic areas or people with young children
  • Unusual – Make a statement with a hexagon, triangle, half-moon or an irregular shape

3. Coffee table functions

It’s important to choose a coffee table for your actual lifestyle, not the one you wish you had! Website photos often show coffee tables with only a vase of flowers and a single mug, but what will you keep on yours? For most people, a coffee table presents a much-needed storage opportunity

  • Drawers – Coffee tables with drawers are ideal for hiding all the clutter that you want to keep to hand, but don’t want to see 
  • Shelf – A coffee table with a shelf underneath is a good place to keep a few books or magazines, but not much more 
  • Lift top – Similar to a chest, these tables have a hinged lid which you lift up to access the storage inside
  • No storage – The prettiest coffee tables are simple with no storage. You could always invest in a magazine rack for your papers if needed

4. Coffee table materials

Some coffee tables are more high maintenance than others. Think about how often you’re prepared to clean your table and what kind of wear and tear you expect to put it through. A family with kids and pets will need something much more hard-wearing than a single adult would.

  • Glass – Looks elegant but needs regular cleaning and may not be suitable for small kids
  • Wood – Low maintenance but susceptible to scratches and knocks
  • Metal – Durable and easy to clean but can look industrial
  • Marble – Looks beautifully elegant but requires careful maintenance 

Here’s a video on how to choose the right coffee table:

What wood is best for coffee tables?

The best solid wood coffee tables are made of a hard wood as these are the most durable. Maple, oak, mahogany and walnut are all great choices because they are strong, moisture-resistant and resistant to warping.

As well as durability, you’ll want to think about the color of each type of wood and how that matches your existing furniture and décor.

Should a coffee table match your end tables?

Traditionally, people would buy furniture in sets and have everything matching. However, there really is no need to match your coffee table to your end table, TV stand or anything else. Mixing and matching different materials, colors and shapes can create a visually-appealing contemporary look. 

Whether you decide to go for all matching furniture or to hand-pick individual pieces with contrasting features, the most important thing is that end result is something that you love, that’s personalized to your taste.

Do you really need a coffee table?

A coffee table isn’t a must have at all and, in fact, many living rooms look great without them. The two main reasons to get a coffee table are for somewhere to put your drink and to fill a space.

If you already have side tables, a shelf or a window ledge for your drink, then you may find that there’s no practical need for a coffee table and that you’d rather have the open space.

If your room looks empty with nothing in front of the sofa, you could also consider a bright, statement rug or a footstool. One super-useful piece of furniture to consider is an ottoman or pouffe, as this can function as a footrest, an extra seat for guests or a small table. 

How do you pick a coffee table for a sectional?

A coffee table should be roughly 2/3 the size of your sofa. If you have a sectional, pick a coffee table that is 2/3 the size of the sofa portion, not the chaise.

The Best Coffee Tables (for any budget)

When it comes to choosing the perfect coffee table, you’ll want something that fits your room as well as your needs. If you already have a coffee table, now’s the time to think carefully about what you don’t like about it.

Do you need extra storage space for toys or just somewhere to put the TV remote? Perhaps you hate using coasters and want a table that’s low maintenance? Or maybe your kids have finally grown up and it’s time to invest in a beautiful coffee table that isn’t covered in marker pen and scratches?

Whatever your desires, if you have a clear picture of what you need in a coffee table, then you’ll easily be able to find the best coffee table for you online.

Just be sure to read the reviews carefully. That way, you can be sure that when you buy a new coffee table, you’ll be investing in a quality piece of furniture that will be the focal point of your lounge room for many years to come.

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