13 Incredible Anthropologie Mirrors You NEED in Your Home

We all know Anthropologie is killin’ it in the home decor department. Their products are top notch and add an elegance and flair to any space.

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That’s why we HAD to find the best Anthropologie mirrors they have to offer… adding one of these pieces to your home can easily take a space from ho-hum to awe inspiring.

Best Anthropologie Mirrors:

Luxury Antique- Reese Mirror

With aged gold and imported black metal, you can have a mirror that hints of tall Cathedral windows and another time.

Handcrafted and Unique- Demeter Mirror

With a beautiful antique brass finish, this mirror offers a timeless accent to a hallway, home office, or living room.

Another Era- Arabesque Mirror

“This heritage piece features an antique effect of a mirror discovered long ago. Handmade and encased in iron, this will make an incredible statement.”

Classically Beautiful- Rowan Mirror

“Fit with a beautiful beveled edge crafted out of grey-washed natural oak, this mirror brings a classic touch to any space – whether hung above a bathroom vanity or an entryway table.”

Warm and Inviting- Jacobi Beveled Floor Mirror

“Crafted from Fir veneer, this beveled mirror is perfectly at home in a living room, entryway, or bedroom.”

Handwoven- Rattan Lozenge Mirror

“A beautifully handwoven rattan design in a geometric and sun-meets-sunflower motif brings endless delight and an organic quality to an interior.”

Feathered Elegance- Foglia Arched Mirror

“Featuring a feathered texture crafted from resin, this mirror lends elegance to any room in your home. Handcarved polyresin may mean a variation between pieces.”

Delicate Vintage- Gleaming Primrose

“It’s love at first sight with this stunning, vintage-inspired mirror fit with jeweled adornments at its apex and edges. Placed at an entryway console, leaned against a wall, or positioned over a fireplace mantel, this mirror magnifies any room with a grandiose, yet delicate appeal.”

Sustainable Statement- Panama Mirror

“A statement-making piece for a bedroom, entryway, or living space, this mirror boasts a halo of handwoven midrib fronds that are sourced from coconut trees.”

Golden Age Inspired- Jayda Smoked Glass Mirror

“A smoked glass effect lends a welcome, antique-inspired touch to your walls.”

Iron Glamor- Melanie Octagon Mirror

“With an octagonal frame and bronze finish, this mirror infuses any bathroom with timeless glamour.”

Tropical Elegance- Cecilia Mirror

“A touch of florals at its peak lend this mirror a subtle charm suited for an any-style bathroom or interior.

Minimalist Glam- Aperture Triptych Vanity Mirror

“Minimalist and elegant at once, this mirror brings understated glamour to a dresser or makeup vanity.”

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